Monday, January 23, 2012

ANOTHER DAY IN BLOGVILLE!...Spillin' the beans!

Hmmm. There is the possibility that I am not as exciting as I thought I was!
There is the possibility that I am exciting, but not much can happen when you don't leave the house!
Of course, there is the possibility that something exciting could happen inside the house, but that would require me maybe falling down the basement stairs.
I haven't fallen down a flight of stairs lately!

I spent most of the rest of the day tracking down how to throw a cool and cheap 30th Anniversary Party (which is NOT a surprise anymore since one of the Guests of Honor reads my blog)! So, today I called one of  my BFF's and pumped her for all the information I could get on baking and decorating mini cupcakes. She is an excellent cook and baker and she owns every gadget in the world for cooking and baking. Williams and Sonoma used to be HER best friends! I am borrowing her mini cupcake tins, she had a brand new unopened package of gold foil mini cupcake papers. She has a THREE tiered cupcake tray and a pastry bag and squeezy things for the frosting! I'll make some boozy champagne punch and non-alcoholic punch, make some snacky stuff, and get some cute decorations too!

The party is Friday and it's going to be great! If I had more money I would throw a big tadoo...but my tadoo will just LOOK big because afterall, I am savvy!

                                             30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY GIFT IDEAS!


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