Friday, January 13, 2012


The above blog was posted on a friend of mine's Facebook page this morning. The woman in the blog who died from the heart attack is a friend to all in the science fiction and fantasy writing community, of which Carl and I were a part of for many years. I was blessed to have been able to read this story and now I am blessed to be sharing this story with you.

It's was a long day for me after a long night. I was up all day yesterday with pains in my stomach and lower intestines. I had been taking Vicodin for five days because of the injury resulting from my slip and fall. I hear Vicodin doesn't usually react well with most people. Now I know I am one of them! It doesn't help much that I have IBS! I quit the Vicodin yesterday and the withdrawal was worth it. I felt much better today. The aggravated coccyx injury doesn't hurt as much either. However, for most of the day, yesterday, I thought I might be having some sort of an attack! I went to bed last night thinking it was my last! I didn't go the emergency room at the time, but I would have had I felt the need to. I tend to over react. But I would have gone despite not having any health insurance. Nothing would have prevented me from seeking medical care. I went to the emergency room when I broke my arm, and I got three free months of visits with a specialist.They kept billing me and I kept letting the bills pile up. It was me or them. I had a friend who had a family member who was a physical therapist! She gave me an hour worth of FREE advice and a rubber stretchy thingy and a beautiful printed brochure of exercises!  I am so lucky to be loved! Everybody wants to help! I went to the emergency room when I got the hives! Thank God for the ER! I went to a walk-in clinic when I got sick with an ear infection and while I was there, I had them check me for EVERYTHING! It cost me $120 including my flu shot! People tend to think that if they are sick, they should be able to make a doctor appointment! HA! You'll be lucky if you can see a doctor in six weeks! If my health insurance was FREE, as the Obama administration says its going to be, I'd go to the doctor every day! Seriously! The new "free health care" will assure us that we will have millions of doctors working for peanuts that will be at millions of sick people's beck and call! But it is not free, so we tend to neglect ourselves. I'll tell you what makes me sick, people who blame our health care system for their own stupidity.

Do not, under any circumstances, deny yourselves medical attention if you feel you need it. Just because you don't have the luxury of medical insurance is no reason for you to suffer and die! Don't be embarrassed to march yourself into an emergency room and demand attention...that's what they are there for! Pick up the phone and dial 911! Call someone! We can never be too proud to live. If you feel you need to see a doctor and you can't afford it, please check out low cost medical centers. Please tell all the other physicians that you are self-pay and they will give you a reduced fee. Please don't feel bad if you can't pay them right away...or ever. Hospitals bill the people who DO have insurance 100 times what it really costs them to treat them as patients, so they make up for your losses on them! I know that isn't fair, but you got to do what you got to do.

We love you! YES, YOU! We want you here with us for a long, long time! If you ever feel that you need medical attention, do not hesitate to ask any one of your friends to help you. Women today are in greater need of social support than ever before. Someone will know something and they will always come forward to lend you the hand that you need. If this poor woman, Melissa, had not worried so much about what she owed in medical bills, she would be here with her friends today. If her friends had even an inkling just how seriously ill she was feeling, they may have rushed to her side. But, she was a victim of a profound tragedy. This should not have happened to her. Don't let it happen to you, or to anyone else you may love.




nuntukamen said...

Who was this about? If I knew them, I'd like to be aware they are gone.

Michele Lundgren said...

Melissa Mia Hall. Texas writer...

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