Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIGGING INTO THE VAULT...Of past careers that can help you today!

Even though I've been going to college since August 2010, every semester is like the first day of school! You know what classes you are going to have, but everything else is going to be all brand new! What will your professors be like? Will you know anyone from your past classes? Will it be tough? Will it be easy? And most importantly...what will you wear? It's been almost 24 years since I graduated from high school and for me, not much has changed in that department! Here I am am with my textbooks and my note pads...and oh yeah, MY NEW HAIR!

A few hours before this picture was taken I was miserable and depressed because I couldn't afford to go to the hair salon! My hair was all dry like a shredded wheat, split ends like an electrical wire, and a horrible shade of pink! Who has an extra $150 right now for a color and cut...? Not me! So, I dug deep into "the vault of careers past", and pulled a magic trick out of my...hat! I was able to restore my hair color to a nice platinum blond and I am SO happy now!

I actually had managed to graduate from Mr. Arnold's Beauty School, in Dearborn, in 1969. Who didn't go to beauty school back in the 'sixties? I took my State Board exam and voila, I was a hairdresser. Mind you, it wasn't like beauty schools today. Back then if you chopped the crap out of your's or a client's hair and (accidently) dyed it green, you were KICKED OUT! But I worked in salons for a few years and learned the craft and ever since then, I've been doing my own hair...when I HAVE to! I would much rather prefer to have a professional with all the updated techniques available do my hair, but I'll resort to a do-it-yourself project when it becomes necessary. As it did today!

Just look at this beautiful head of hair now! I went to SALLY BEAUTY SUPPLY  and for $13 I bought some bleach and toner! Every time you mess with your own hair you do run the risk of making an even bigger mess,  but sometimes its a risk you have to take. I was desperate and I am so glad the color worked out! I also remembered a crazy thing we used to do with our hair in the mid 1970's when we wanted to give it a trim. We bent over and brushed our hair forward and grabbed it all together and ran the scissors over the ponytail-like thing and just cut it! It worked then and it worked today! A nice, crisp, slightly layered trim! I am a very savvy gal!

So, my advice for anyone who can't afford to have something done professionally is to dig into your vault of past careers and see if you can't find something that will work for you! I'm not advising that you perform anything super dangerous, but I am sure everyone has hidden talents that they can use! Just do it...but be careful!

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