Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HEY! THEY CAN'T ALL BE LIKE "GONE WITH THE WIND"...Or, it's late and I have nothing to say tonight!

Being that I just started back to class after a six week hiatus, I am trying to get my physical schedule on track. I am in class four days a week, three late afternoons and one evening. Not a bad schedule at all! It still takes some time getting adjusted to it! So far so good. I already have a lot of reading to do plus a few writing assignments, so I need to get myself back in the swing of things! My blog today is short but sweet. Oh all right, it's just short!

If anyone out there has actually read this blog tonight, please feel free to comment or leave a "check mark" in one of the little boxes!

PS. Modern Family stunk tonight. Wasn't funny at all!

Night night!

A typical night in our haunted mansion.


Cara said...

You said "bog" BTY you don't HAVE to write something EVERY night!!

Michele Lundgren said...

BOG!! Ha Ha Ha! I also said I was tired! You are my biggest fan.