Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have an amazing talent. I can manifest just about everything I want...except actual hard cash! For example, I can walk into a casino with a friend and that friend picks a slot machine, puts in a twenty dollar bill, hits a few buttons and wham, wins $200! Not me! Slot machines actually break when I sit down in front of them! I have never won more than $76 in a casino and that was miracle. I only go to the casino about three times a year and that's plenty! I can't seem to pick lottery numbers either! But today, as my luck would have it, I thought about the perfect paper tablecloth I wanted for the party I am throwing and it just magically appeared!              
                                                            SLOT MACHINE TIPS!

I'm a really picky party-thrower! I like everything to be "matchy-matchy"! I walked into Party City hoping to find things to decorate with  that I could afford! I didn't want some dumb junky plastic tablecloth, I wanted high class PAPER! I can't understand what made me walk down this remote aisle and look on a bottom shelf, but there it was! My dream paper tablecloth! For UNDER FIVE BUCKS!  I even had to double check the price because nothing at Party City is ever very cheap! Even PENNY CANDY is like, FIVE CENTS! But today was my lucky day! I found everything I needed...and it didn't break the bank! So I was really happy! With the perfect table cloth, I could easily decorate the whole party around it! I am really excited! Everything is going to look just wonderful!

I love things to coordinate! Matchy! Matchy!

Okay! Imagine this with only two long tables and no tent!
All I really had to do was just mindlessly wish for a paper tablecloth. I emphasize MINDLESSLY! In a split second I wanted that tablecloth more than anything in the world. It was pure and focused! Money, on the other hand, is more of an effort to conjure up! I just have to try and relax and maybe money will come my way as effortlessly as party decorations do! Or maybe I should get a part-time job!

                                   FABULOUS WHOLESALE CLASSY PARTY STUFF!

Come to me my pretties!

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