Monday, January 9, 2012

THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE...Winter always gives way to Spring!

Alrighty then. I purposely stayed inside yesterday to avoid any mishaps and possibly getting into trouble...oh, and we didn't have much gas left in the truck that we could afford to waste! Money is always tight for street fair artists and part-time real estate agents during the winter months...we really need to watch every penny, and that's pretty much all we have left. Pennies. I tried to start a savings jar, but it came to that moment where we needed every dime. Literally. Less than a week into the New Year, we had to bust into the jar and take out that last two bucks! That's how it goes every year. So much for that idea. We sought to amuse ourselves by staying home. It was such a beautiful day that Carl raked up all of the left over autumn leaves and picked up even MORE of the trash that blows down our street. I watched.

You missed one!

I know I posted a picture of me sewing at the dining room table a few blogs ago, so please don't think I am getting redundant. The photo below is a sad reminder to me of just how mean winter can be to a gal who isn't used to having to make sacrifices. I know "other people" have it worse. You must realize that I was born an Egyptian princess in another lifetime and I still have those lingering past life memories! I was totally pampered and spoiled as a child. I never had to sacrifice. I got what I wanted when I wanted it and that was that! I'm not Cinderella! I am a wicked step-sister! Heck, if  I lost a button on a coat at any other time in my life, I would just throw out the garment and buy a new one! My clothes, by choice,  mostly come from resale shops or thrift stores in the first what gives? Do I need to cut MORE corners? And that hideous pink bathrobe! This is really harsh...for me. Yes, I WILL have some cheese with that whine. Chardonnay, please!

I love this coat! For this coat I'll sew on a button!

And look at my HAIR! It's a FRIGHT WIG in a BUN! Instead of going to my hairdresser, I had to color it myself and it turned REDDISH! I now have to do it all over again and bleach it back to white. Or maybe I'll just wait a week and it will turn completely white on its own! ! And my fingernails! I have to put on CLEAR polish because I can't get a manicure or go in for a polish change like I used to do! Thank God I never got Botox or I'd be in big trouble. Watching my face revert back to wrinkles! I AM gifted with great skin, so that's a plus! But I could use a mini-face lift....I digress...

ANDY!!! My idol! This is MY kind of hair!

I have one more week of winter break from school. I have been "on vacation" since December 12TH! We get, like, SIX WEEKS off! I am bored now. I want to go back to class. I have a few more loose ends to tie up this week and then I'll be ready. I am going deaf and I need to see a doctor. I cannot hear very well anymore. My ears always seemed blocked up, like my head is under water. I talk louder and louder, because I can't  hear myself anymore! I need to find a public health service where I can get my hearing tested for free and possibly get a free hearing aid. Do they even sell used hearing aids...they give people used eye glasses...why not used hearing aids?


Don't get me wrong, I am NOT going to wallow in self-pity and stay downtrodden. No way! I'll get out of this mess. I'll find a way to recover from my financial casualties and get through the next three months. I always do. eBay is a good place to unload stuff! It's my job to survive. I do it well. I've done it for years. After all, I AM the Savvy Senior! Peace.

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