Friday, January 6, 2012

IT'S OFFICIAL-I'M OLD! Social Security is coming my way...

It took me exactly ten minutes to apply for my Social Security benefits online yesterday. So to those of you who are within a few months of turning sixty-two years-old, do NOT go to a Social Security office to apply as you will be wasting even MORE of your precious time! Even PATTY DUKE applied at home her PAJAMAS...just like me! But then again, these days I never get OUT of my pajamas.

I decided to start collecting my pittance at age sixty-two because as clumsy as I am, I may not last until the maximum age of seventy! Yes, if you wait until the maximum age of seventy you will maximize your benefits, but the way the government is wasting our money faster than I can waste my own money, I think its better to collect now than later.

I'll get MY first check on March 20th!

Now, here's the not so funny part. As I wrote in an earlier blog, I did not plan very well for my "old age", and surprise, it's already here. I have been self-employed or unemployed most of my life, and the one thing I never did when filing my taxes was deposit any money into my Social Security fund. Once upon a time I had an IRA account, but I blew that as well. I was a firm believer of being a "grasshopper" instead of an "ant"! I was not a "saver". And I feel that was a big mistake. I sure do regret it now.

Ladies in the poor house. I am the the one in the middle.

So I am BEGGING you my cheeky little friends, don't do as I did! If you haven't started planning for your financial  future, start now. My PLAN B might be to divorce Carl Lundgren and find myself a (really) old NEW husband who is rich! Like THAT'S ever going to happen...

Don't laugh! He's a billionaire!


Cara said...

Now THAT was funny!!

Michele Lundgren said...

Just a typical ME story! xo