Sunday, January 8, 2012

NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK 'N' ROLL...Filming a documentary in Detroit!

A company called OVATION LLC. thinks that Detroit area hipsters deserve a show of their own and I don't blame them! I don't know much else about their documentary, except that I was invited to sit in as an "extra" on the filming yesterday, which took place at a nearby restaurant, and I knew almost everybody there.

Wow! A lot of power cords and stuff  for me to trip over!

The little I do about the film is that it features the life and times of a really great rock and roll couple, Rick Ruiner and Nina Friday, of the  really popular local band, THE RUINERS. Not only are Rick and Nina amazingly gorgeous and talented, they are madly in love with each other as well! This episode of the documentary is about Rick proposing marriage to his long time girlfriend, surrounded by many of Detroit's rock and roll heros who also happen to be their friends.

Here is a sneak preview of the ring Rick Ruiner is about
to present to his beloved! DON'T DROP IT!


The Happy Couple!
Congratulations Rick and Nina!

Gads! For an old lady I sure do get around. I really am The Savvy Senior! I get to be in a room with JOHNNY BEE BADANJEK , former drummer for Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels and currenly the drummer for The Howling Diabolos. Badanjek is totally famous and is one of the best drummers in the world...and I actually KNOW him! How cool is that? Plus, there was the aways outstanding Tino Gross, who is not only a remarkable vocalist, but he plays about a zillion instruments as well! Also in the room was Doug Podell and his wonderful wife, Sue. Doug is a top radio DJ here in Metro Detroit, and just an all around great guy! The "back up" dancers were the Motor City Rah Rahs, fun AND fit! And many more people who I can call my friends. Please keep in mind that a lot of of these beautiful people are near or over fifty years-old and some of them are in their mid-SIXTIES! Like me!

Johnny BEE, myself and Carl Lundgren! Gosh!

Me and Rod Stewart Tribute Artist, the award winning DANNY D!

Miss Carrie (to the left) sitting next to the director, I don't know his name!

Rah Rah Linda Lexy (L), and Rah Rah Susie Forkin (R). YAY!

Doug Podell of WCSX and Tino Gross!

Vocalist Jim Edwards, Johnny BEE and Carl Lundgren!
Wow. While I am writing this, I am pretty speechless. I should probably write more often because a lot of my friends, and especially my husband, Carl,  think I talk too much! It's just that I am like a little uber fan. I am in awe! I get all crazy when I am around this group of rock and roll royalty...wouldn't YOU?

The Rock and Roll Round Table...THE SEATBELTS DETROIT

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