Sunday, January 1, 2012

NEW YEARS DAY 2012...Off to a great start!

Cafe d'Mongo Speakeasy-Detroit
The best part of New Year's Day is that we all made it intact through New Year's Eve! Yay!  I thought I was going to be the only person parading around dressed to kill in my vintage 1990's Scott McClintock full length silver and black dress made of spandex and polyester with beaded chain straps and matching silver and Lucite shoes, but I wasn't! The first stop on my busy New Year's Eve adventure  was a stop at the quietly famous  Cafe d'Mongo Speakeasy on Griswold Street in Detroit. Seems like everybody with a touch of old school class  has known about this place for years and I was lucky enough to have recently discovered it! I didn't know what to expect when I first got there, but it was the most beautiful place I had ever been in Detroit and it was exactly what I was looking for to kick off the New Year! Christine, the manager, Red, the barkeep, and Sylvia at the front door greeted me and we all became immediate friends! It was like a dream! All three ladies looked gorgeous and knew exactly what to wear to usher in the New Year! If you have never been to Cafe d'Mongo Speakeasy you must plan on it for sometime in the New Year. I could not imagine having had a better time and I wanted to stay all night, but I had two other house parties to attend. 

Michele and Christine from Cafe d'Mongo Speakeasy!

Sylvia, Red and Michele at Cafe d'Mongo Speakeasy!
I'm not going to mention any names in case someone might feel left out, but our next stop was in Troy. A local hipster restaurant had to cancel their annual event and some of us, including one of the bands scheduled to play that night, were left without any plans.  Our amazing and generous friends who live nearby decided at the last minute to invite a few people over for a small party and we were included on the list. I don't know HOW I ever got so lucky, but we were feted with a Crown Rack of Beef, roasted superbly, a mountain of Alaskan King Crab Legs, salmon with curry sauce, dozens of appetizers, an open bar and a beautiful platter of petite dessert eclairs and coffee! We turned on the obligatory Dick Clark New Years Special and began the countdown.  As the ball dropped at the stroke of midnight, we donned our funny hats, made noise with our noisemakers and made our toasts with glasses of $100 a bottle Champagne! There were plenty of kisses to go around too! Another dream come true! I just can't believe how fortunate I am to be alive and well and in the company of such wonderful human beings. And there was even more to come!

Crab Legs! Yum!!

The last stop of the evening was at Top Kat and Tracy's "funhouse" in Hamtramck! Their house looks like an old Hollywood movie set...1940's brick with all the vintage details such as glass doorknobs, original pink and black tiled bathroom and more. It just oozes retro charm! They have the coolest collections too. Vinyl records, art work, Kewpie Dolls; everything and everywhere! It was after midnight, but waves of people were still dropping by and everyone was still in high spirits!

Top Kat and Michele
Michele, Kimberly and Robert! Cuties!

As we close out one year and ushered in a new one, I thank God for my incredible life! Family and friends are so important as we get older and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you, especially my best bud, constant companion and personal photographer for the evening, none other than my darling husband, Carl Lundgren! I can't imagine life without all of you in it!

Me and the best husband ever, Carl Lundgren! My butt looks big!
To round out the best New Year's ever, I get to watch a football game! Today will be the last regular season game of the spectacular DETROIT LIONS! I have a good feeling our home team might be going to the SUPERBOWL!

Well, time to make my traditional New Year's Day home-made split pea soup with ham hocks! French bread and butter, warm vinaigrette boiled redskin potatoes and Truffle Mousse pate! I'm living like Daisy Fitzgerald and I swear, I am down to my last fifty bucks...if that! Somebody pinch me!

I hope you all continue to have a really fun day here in the "D" and all over the world. The temperature here outside is 42 degrees but it's going to get colder tomorrow! Get out and take a walk and start in on those resolutions we all make to lose weight! I'll tell you all about my resolutions tomorrow! Peace.

P.S. Don't even START to think about tax time!


Carl said...

Good luck pal with your new writing adventure.

Michele Lundgren said...

Thanks go get a REAL job so YOU can support MY new bloger career!