Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OUR OWN MORTALITY...Remembering Stanley T. Madhatter

Stanley T. Madhatter
Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of my long time friend, Stanley T. Madhatter. I met Stanley back in 1967 during the Detroit Summer of Love. Although there were times when we didn't see each other often, we reconnected back in 2001 and we remained the best of friends all through those  years. Stanley didn't a have a car, so he pretty much went everywhere we did in our car. He was a rock and roll impressario and an emcee for all metro Detroit music events. Everyone loved him and if you were with Stanley T. Madhatter, you were pretty much  assured entre into anywhere cool!

Stanley was iconic. He had long curly hair and he was usually never seen without his famous black "Top Hat". Stanley always wore a vest festooned in crazy buttons and his neck was draped in scarves and necklaces and little plastic rosary beads he bought from various dollar stores! Wherever he went, he always had a bag of candy, or little toys...or some "other stuff to smoke", that he shared with his friends...right up until he unexpectedly died.

The world-class emcee!
Which brings me to this point. Stanley was our age, early sixties. One day we were crazy happy hippies, and the next day he was sick and dying. Stanley didn't ever want anyone to know just HOW sick he was, so he languished with a fast spreading cancer for about a year. On the evening of January 2nd, 2011, he went up to his bedroom, and on the morning of January 3rd he was found dead. None of us ever really knew that we would be losing Stanley, so soon. None of us really ever had the chance to say good-by. It's just a hard fact that being in our sixties is not always a walk in the park...like it or not...we are getting old and time is getting even shorter. We may still look and act groovy, but our bodies and our brains are fragile. We are vulnerable and we need to mindful of that. And it's not a bad thing to admit that you are getting old. It is what it is and just go with it.

Stanley and me-Summer 2010

Marcella Detroit (Marci Levy) Original Song for Stanley...

Remembering Stanley is one of the saddest things I had to do today. I miss hearing his voice and the smell of his Patchouli.  I miss seeing him get excited over cheese sandwiches, pancakes and glasses of milk, his favorite foods...and Buddy's Pizza  (he had been a vegetarian since 1967). I wish he was still here with us today. We all do. In remembering Stanley, also please remember to be kind and love those who are still with you today. You just never know when YOUR name will be on a Holy Card...


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