Saturday, January 14, 2012

SATURDAY NIGHT...Just got back from a day at The Rustbelt Market.

Carl's "POP-UP ART SHOP" at The Rustbelt! He's so cool!
Sometimes we eventually have  to work! If we're lucky! Today, we were lucky. And we were amongst friends and family! We were lucky enough to be able to secure a space at THE RUSTBELT MARKET, a wonderful, huge artisan marketplace. Located in Ferndale, Michigan, The Rustbelt opened less than a year ago to great accolades. As a speciality marketplace, it caters to some of best creative types in the metro Detroit area. Vintage clothing, hand-made clothing and other crafts. Posters, prints, photography and original art. The talent featured here is amazing. 

Our daughter, Cara, and her permanent set up at The Rustbelt!

Fresh ground coffee.  Award-winning pies and other baked goods plus live music throughout the day. The total experience. Plus, Chris and Tiffany Best, The Rustbelt's founders and the drive behind it, have made the former Old Navy store into a piece of art in itself! Chris and Tiffany have spared no expense in the amazing decorations that cover almost every square inch of the almost 10,000 plus sq. feet, (that isn't already occupied by OTHER masterpieces of originality)!

This fabulous wall decor is made from brown KRAFT PAPER by Tiffany Best!

Detroit Tee Shirt Wagon!

Organic hand-made light fixture by Kyle Keener!


If you haven't already visited The Rustbelt at the NW corner of Nine Mile Road and Woodward Avenue, you don't know what you have been missing! The Rustbelt is only open on Saturday and Sunday from 11-7, and some Fridays for special occassions. It's a great way to be entertained on a cold, snowly Michigan day!

Michele is center stage as the folk type singers, "Partley Brothers", perform!

The Rustbelt "hipsters"!


Anonymous said...

Cara is so adorable! And Rust Belt looks like a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. Too bad its sooooo far away :) ... Cat Calhoun

Michele Lundgren said...

Thanks Cat! We're the height of groovy metro Detroit society! Well...if you are in ever in'd be welcome! xo