Saturday, January 7, 2012


I don't even have to leave the house to get material for my blog. I just have to sit here in my pajamas and interesting stuff will come to me! Take yesterday for instance...
At around 7 PM I heard the siren of a fire truck racing by on Cass Avenue, which is about two blocks from my house. No big deal. I hear them all the time. Then I heard the siren of ANOTHER fire truck speeding by...and another one...and another one! It gave me pause for thought, but I stayed glued to the TV as I watched the "Say Yes To The Dress-Atlanta" marathon! The sirens kept screaming and I commented to Carl that they sounded close by...and that I think I smelled smoke! Carl popped his head out our back door and the show was already in full swing! Another building was on fire, only one block away, on Temple, and we couldn't tell WHICH one! There are only three buildings left standing on Temple between Woodward and Cass, and one of them was torched LAST year!

This is from our can see the fire through the branches at top right.
As we both stood on the back porch staring into the night, we could clearly see the flames shooting from the blazing building. I was horrified to think that perhaps the seedy Temple Hotel might be the one on fire. I commented to Carl that, that was probably the reason every EMS truck and fire truck within ten miles had come to lend assistance. I strained to hear the sounds of anyone yelling for help, but it was pretty quiet; only the sound of police radios, water rushing from fire hoses and local traffic. THAT was a relief.

Being that I hadn't got dressed or had been out the house in CLOTHES all day (I did walk around the outside of the house picking up blown trash in my pink bathrobe), I quickly took off the robe, put on shoes, jacket and my Lions hat, grabbed my camera and dragged Carl out into the crisp, night, smoke filled air to witness the fire first hand!

This is about one long block off Woodward..
It really was like a carnival, local news trucks everywhere...lights flashing, fire leaping from the roof of the burning building, but thankfully it was NOT the Temple Hotel! It was the building next door to the Temple Hotel...two down and one to go.

If you look carefully at the above picture you will see the firetruck crane in the top center. There were actually two cranes. Each crane had a bucket with firemen inside, directing the fire hoses. Look even closer and you can see the water streaming from the hoses. Look even CLOSER on my picture and you will see three ORBS to the right...Carl says I am goofy, but these are spirit orbs and he can't tell me different! Today, when we went to photograph the damages, I saw three people, well dressed,  walking into the doorway of the newly burned out building. I said to Carl who was nearby, "what are those poeple doing walking ito the building...where are they going"? Carl said, "what people?" I said, "are you effin kidding me? You didn't see those people...?" Orbs. I tell you. Spirit orbs.

I wanted to post in this blog as more of a recap of the first seven days of the the New Year, but obviously this little event took a precedence. I'll post the "Week in Review" tomorrow!
This house was set on fire LAST year. The sign above the door reads, HOMESTEAD!

This is Temple Avenue off Woodward, facing west, just east of Cass,
a block or so from the amazing Detroit Masonic Temple.
The sad thing about all the burned out buildings is that there
is no code enforcement to clean up or tear down these disasters.
I just want you all to be forewarned when you come downtown to
events in this area,
Don't be the fool and try and be cool! Watch out !

This is the entrance to the house that was set on fire last night.
  Houseless people were living here. Sometimes, they hole up in vacant places and find a way to exist. They smoke meth and crack and they need to light small fires to keep warm, and to light their pipes. That is how the fires start in most of the abandoned houses in Detroit and elsewhere. So, if anyone still wonders why Carl and I don't "go for walks" in this neighborhood, remember that this is ONE BLOCK away from our house. And in case any of you think Detroit is such a wonderful, groovy place...this is the underbelly. The harsh reality.
Not so groovy, huh?



Larry Leitner said...

The "Orbs" to which you refer are actually something that occurs when you take a photo of a bright light at night or against a dark background. They are refections that bounce around the inside of the lens and hit the sensor out of focus. They will often bounce several times and make several images of various sizes.

Michele Lundgren said...

Yes, they are reflections...but THAT'S not any fun! It wouldn't make a very interesting story if it were just about cameras! Ghost orbs are much better! xo