Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SHIRTS...where it 'tis?

The title of my blog today is very obtuse. I am sure there is only a very small, if any, group of people who will recognize that line, excerpted from a song from The Bonzo Dog Doo-Da Band called,  SHIRTS by Roger Ruskin Spear. I am not really fond of this particular YouTube video, but it was the ONLY video available online. That in itself is pretty amazing! The song appears on an album by The Bonzos called, TADPOLES, produced in 1969. I was personal friends with this band, or at least I was personal with "Legs" Larry Smith. Members of the band included Neil Innes, who later collaborated with Monty Python, Vivian (Vic) Stanshall, "Legs" (because he was a tap dancer) and Roger Ruskin Spear. I met the band when they were performing at the Second Rock and Roll Revival in Detroit, at the State Fair Grounds. Long story short, I flew to New York with Larry, spent a few days there with the band, met The Who at The Fillmore East, and had an amazing time for a dopey little girl from Detroit! Please read up more about The Bonzo Dog Band...it's worth it. But more about SHIRTS...


Today was tee shirt inventory day for the great CARL LUNDGREN ART STUDIOS.. Out little business concern was started in New York City in 1976, mostly to sell Carl Lundgren posters and prints. Somewhere along the way we started designing a few tee shirts to go with our product line. The shirts were done mostly to commemorate the psychedelic years of Detroit's Grande Ballroom and Eastown Theater. Recently we added a new shirt called Michigan Rocks (in men's AND women's sizes), and today we just produced our FOURTH and FIFTH shirt designs...to be revealed later in the month. Carl has done a lot of tee shirts for other people and other bands as well, but we always need to keep an eye on our own stock.That means checking for sizes and placing the orders for all the old shirts. For the new shirts we needed to pick out a whole new set of shirts and colors and inks! It took almost the entire day!

A couch in the living room makes a good inventory space!
 Carl wants it to be made very clear that he is an "art guy", not a "shirt guy"! I've been given the designation of "shirt guy"! We work together on all of these projects. Except that when something goes wrong with the shirt line, I get the blame for it all by myself! I am really proud of this business we have built, but it is very cyclic, money isn't constantly coming in but the bills are! It's been a long and tiring day getting everything ready, but I finally got ALL the shirts inventoried, placed my new order with the fabulous Robert Stanzler from DETROIT MANUFACTURING, and now all that is left is how to figure out how to PAY for all of this! Peace.

Check out Carl's eBay store DETROIT ROCK POSTERS !

Available in a poster or a tee shirt! Check out Carl's eBay store!

Available in a poster or a tee shirt on his eBay store!

Poster or tee shirt! We're easy! Operators are standing by!


crawlo said...

Shirts? I don't know.

Rod said...

Shirts?? We don't do no stinkin' shirts! LOL I know the feeling guys! I have to keep supplies inventoried all the time so we have stock for the shows. Pain in the butt!

Anonymous said...

i was at detroit fairgrounds fri and saturday kc oxford mi