Thursday, January 12, 2012


Our Hero!
Carl Lundgren!

Today was spent in great excitment as we finally got the first proof of Carl's long awaited book, Rock Posters of the Psychedelic Age! It's been two years in the making and finally, we have a hard copy in hand, and it's beautiful! Since I am Carl's harshest critic, you can take my word for's just great! I really didn't pay too much attention to what Carl's been up to over the last twenty-four months, but I can see pretty clearly now that he's been doing something! He is a genious and I am so proud for his accomplishment! Below are a few of the full color poster pages in the book. There are eighty color poster plates, one-hundred full color pages in total. One side is the poster and on the opposite side is the text describing the poster. A really nice layout designed by Carl.

Also included in the book are forty pages of text with black and white images throughout. 

The back of the book is just as interesting as the front. The cover is "Perfect Bound" high gloss and all the pages use environmentally friendly paper with soy based inks!

It is not easy being married to an artist. I often refer to myself as "the artist's long-suffering wife"! We have high and low times and we are never financially secure. I guess that can be said of a lot of careers these days. I've never liked that part of the job of artist's wife, so I had "real" jobs off and on throughout our forty plus years together. I've worked in offices and restaurants and I've had my own art galleries and gift shops! I think I like being self-employed best's scary but it's an adventure and a roller-coaster ride! I'll always do what it takes to make sure we get up and down those steep inclines. We've never missed a meal and we've never missed celebrating the holidays in high style! I would say we're alright.

I am really happy for Carl. I know it wasn't easy. We have the "proof" to show all the hard work it took to get this far! Our plan is to self-publish 50 signed and numbered limited edition books that will have all sorts of bells and whistles you don't find in regular publications! We have have an April 2012 release date. Once we have the Special Edition Book Release Party, we'll deliver it to an art book publisher who might re-edited for mainstream distribution Then we get a calendar deal, and more licensing deals and the rest will be history! See, the ride just started and it's only January!

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Debbie Dondzila said...

The book looks awesome, Michele! Look forward to seeing it in print! Hope all Carl's hard work pays off for both of you!

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