Friday, January 20, 2012


I wandered out a little while ago to take a walk on my block to look at the first real snowfall of the year. I took this amazing photograph. The house in the picture is the remains of the old SCOTT MANSION. What a splendid place this must have been. What grandeur. Located only about one-half a block from our Victorian house, The Scott Mansion...and it really was called that, is a testement to days gone by. Shrouded in a gauzey white blanket, oh what memories it brings back of the great city that once stood here...

Snow. Pure Michigan.

                                   LINK TO STORY ABOUT THE OLD SCOTT MANSION!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Michele! Yes, I agree, last night was great ~ an art inspired night full of good friends and new friends. Very cozy after the chill outside. Best wishes to Joel and his Cass City Cinema and the Cinema Gallery. LEG