Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WEDNESDAY'S full of woe.


I was born "prematurely", or at least that's what my parents told me until I figured out differently! Many years ago, at their 25th Wedding Anniversary party, I innocently enough stumbled upon the truth. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary, buy hey, I was ALREADY twenty-five! See, their anniversary was July 24th, 1949 and I was born in February 1950! On a Wednesday. It got me to thinking...somehow I recounted the time frame; there was a two month discrepancy between the wedding and my arrival! Seriously, I was kind of shocked. I didn't have time to fully process the data, so I just took my mom and dad aside and said WAIT A MINUTE! What's the dealio with my birth?  All of a sudden my life began to make sense. And it still does today.

The expression on my father's face was priceless when he was asked that fateful question. My mother looked embarrassed. I listened to both of their explanations. Neither one said anything about premarital sex! Dad said they had to say I was premature to save face. Lucky for them I was a tiny baby, weighing in at only at around six pounds. My father said he loved me and that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. And even though I eventually had three sisters and a brother, I was always his favorite and I was spoiled rotten my whole life. My mother, on the other hand, told an entirely different story. She told a story about being just an inexperienced farm girl from eastern Pennsylvania and had arrived in Detroit with a girlfriend after they had been discharged from the Navy. They were both Waves. My mother recanted how she got a degree from secretarial school while serving in the Navy and had been working as an executive secretary to a purchasing agent at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn. She said she had met my father at The Graystone Ballroom one night, a local Detroit dance hall, and that he had "taken advantage" of her. She told me my father had been a sharp dresser and a fast talker and the rest is history. It certainly did explain why in all of their wedding pictures my mother did not look very happy. And that's how it went for the rest of  my life. My parents were miserable and I eventually ended up in psychiatric care.

There was never any real overt abuse or neglect. I was doted on by dad. On the other hand, I sensed from the get-go that my mother held a grudge against me. From that point on it was obvious there would never  be a normal mother-daughter relationship. Because of me, her whole future had been ruined and she got stuck with a man she didn't even like. And every time she threatened to leave him, so she said, he knocked her up again and again. Until finally, from her perspective, there was just no way to escape. It was a terrible price for her to to pay. It affected my life and the dynamics of our entire family. And it all started with the birth of little ol' me. 

It's a long story. It should cover a few more blogs. Should I continue? Let me know if you want to hear some more. It should explain a lot about me and how I have tried to stave off impending inheritable mental illness. Peace.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

WHAT'S THE USE...I'm throwing in the towel.

 People are crazy. People do crazy things. We are living in a society that does not value life anymore. Once minute you can be standing in a concert venue watching a band and the next thing you know, you get in somebody's way and they clobber you on the side of the head. Not even so much as an "excuse me you are in my way" (as if they OWNED the space), or even a push or a shove. No, a full blown punch in the ear with every intent to KILL you. No exchange of words or anything, just BAM! You're dead. So long blocked my view of the band! Attempted murder. Assault in the third degree. Even if you didn't drop dead right there on the spot, a deliberate punch in the temple/ear may have resulted in a stroke or a blood clot or something later on...but who cares. Who cares. It doesn't even deserve a question mark, because who really cares. Nobody will come to your defense. Nobody will grab the person who threw the punch that could have killed someone, because blocking someone's view of a band is reason enough to take the life of another. Even if while you are losing consciousness and you point to the person who you think may have thrown the punch, that person will not even be detained, because, hey, who wants trouble? Hell, you can just fall to the ground and people will kick you out of the way or step on you, because they want to see the band. I don't remember much else...

Nobody is kind anymore. Everyone is hostile and bitter. Everyone is just begging for a reason to over-react. Mean. Cruel. Selfish, thoughtless, dangerous  people. It's better to just keep your eyes to the ground. Do not make any sort of emotional contact. Do not brush against anyone. Do not go out in crowds. One step out into the streets and it could be your last. Oh yeah, and don't talk too much, or too fast. Because it annoys people. Or smile. Don't ever smile. Because you will end up feeling like an idiot when the person you are smiling at ignores you. 

So I lied to my family and friends about the incident at the rock concert because I am embarrassed and because I didn't want to spoil their fun. The woman who threw the punch was twice my size and half my age, and she walked away, probably laughing. The concert venue was very kind to me in the security/emergency area...but frankly, I don't even remember how I got there. I certainly can't even remember why I was there in the first place. The concert venue wanted to take me to the emergency room at a local Detroit hospital, but I refused. I guess I just live under a black cloud. I give off a bad vibe. I'm not very likeable if even strangers want me dead! 

I surrender. I am waving a white flag. 

The right side of my head and my ear is still very painful. I think I got something busted. I probably should go to the emergency room, but what's the point? Who cares about a stupid ear when  I can't fix myself as a person. I can't even figure out what's wrong with me! I guess that's the problem.  Peace.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MARINER'S INN-DETROIT...I cried in class.

                                                               MARINER'S INN LINK

I cried today.

I cried because I have lived in the Cass Corridor for twelve years and I have never so much as slowed down as I drove by the Mariner's Inn.
I cried because I have passed by Mariner's Inn a million times and averted my eyes to the men outside (in the summertime), trying to get me to stop in for a fundraising car wash.
And I cried when I watched the video clip on the Mariner's Inn website. The link is above.

A few days ago our professor, Ms. Carol Watson, informed us we would be having to meet as a class at Mariner's Inn at Cass and Ledyard. Since we are all studying human services and mental health, Ms. Watson felt this would be a good place for us to explore some options for our required field work. Most of the class groaned and did not want to go! What an inconvenience for some of us who have to take public transportation. The rest of the class complained they didn't know where it was. We all had excuses why we didn't want to go, and yet we all showed up promptly at 4...and by the end of the meeting, we all cried.

Mariner's Inn is an amazing facility that has been in my neighborhood since 1955, catering exclusively to the healing and recovery of addiction and alcoholism in men. Upon entering the facility, which consists of living spaces, treatment centers and a large dining room and more, I immediately felt that I was in a place that was special. Almost sacred. It wasn't a dreary place as one might have expected, it was warm, inviting, comforting and filled with love. There was art and paintings and murals on the walls and later on we were told that the men in treatment all contributed to this process of creating the beauty within.

The class gathered in a conference room and sat around a large table and we were greeted by Mr. David Sampson, the C.E.O. of Mariner's Inn, who had set places for everyone with brochures and business cards. Even though our Wayne County Community College class was in its sixth week, Mr. Sampson had us all introduce ourselves and share a little about our own lives. It was emotionally telling and very revealing and I think the class had a bonding experience that they were not expecting. It was very cleansing.

Anyway, once again I feel like I've been struck by lightning! Once again, I am awakened by the sound of the thunderous voices of homeless and emotionally recovering men; husbands and fathers and brothers who may have given up on themselves, but have found a place to start a new beginning at Mariner's Inn. Once again I am shocked into the reality that there are people out there who are deeply hurting, and that  there are people out there who are helping them to heal. Such was my experience at Mariner's Inn.

I know how easy it is to try and ignore the obvious, the poor and the downtrodden; we all do that from time to time. But please take it from my personal experience, that no matter how awful it may seem out there, no matter how you may want to judge others, at one point we were all somebody's little baby...deep inside of each us is that little child, still needing love and understanding. I am continually amazed at my capacity to grow and I thank God for little gifts, like a class trip!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 For those of you who buy into Astrology, Mercury is going into retrograde again soon and that's never a good thing. We are heading into pre-retrograde and that too can cause a lot of mental and physical disturbances. I don't know what else to blame, but I've been whacked out for the last few days...

For the past 24 hours it seemed like everything was going wrong, but mostly, I was going wrong! Especially with my computer skills! Blogging is hard enough, having to come up with subject matter and all, but when the host sight decides you need to change your whole browser system, that's another story altogether.

I am not 100% computer savvy. I'm at about 85%! But that missing 15% makes a huge difference. I literally spent the entire day yesterday trying to fix my Blogger host. Everything pointed to me changing my browser from the primitive Internet Explorer to a more modern browser, but I was afraid. I had tried Google Chrome once, and I did not like it all. So this time I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and it seems to be working for now. It appears my blogging may get back on track today. We'll see...!

In the meantime, I drove all the way across town over to LA Insurance to buy some new car insurance, and when I got there, I realized I had left my driver's license in another purse! It was 5:30 PM and they close at 6:00, so that's what I'll be doing again, today! Phooey.


 Also, my daughter has to move out of her cute little flat that she's lived in for seven years due to financial woes and MAY have to move back in with me and her dad for a while. Her other option is to take this weird place in Ferndale that is even more expensive than her last place!

Seriously, I did not sleep a wink last night. I woke up this morning and I could not believe the clock read 4:45 AM. I thought I was hallucinating! I've been writing for an hour and I am getting sleepy again, so I'll head back to bed until it at least gets light outside!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

IF I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD...One person can make a difference.


Definition of 'Catalyst'
Something that initiates or causes an important event to happen.

When asked to define what is my role in humanity, I could choose no other word or description for myself other than ‘catalyst’. I am a provocateur, an arbiter of change. Highly sensitive, acutely intuitive, I feel deeply for my surroundings and the people and things that live there. Given the opportunity, I would try to eliminate hunger, poverty, ignorance and pain. Realizing my limitations, I will still strive to “help heal the world”!

There is no better time and place to be alive than now, in the present, in The United States of America. I can think of no greater blessing than to have been born a healthy woman with the capacity to learn and grow. I have sixty-two years of experience and I have seen many changes in my lifetime, mostly good but unfortunately, some bad. In previous college classes that I have attended, we studied what is known as “the paradox of progress”. Through the miracles of science we have cured disease, invented time-saving machinery, and we have more choices now than ever. Unfortunately, these amazing technologies have also made us much less aware of our own humanity. We are all in such a hurry that we have become rather selfish, ignoring the plight of our fellow man, especially those who really cannot help themselves. We turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the mentally ill, the homeless, the children and the stray animals. We remain frightened of anyone who is not like us, the disabled, the recovering drug addicts, the men and women who have been incarcerated and now are living in the mainstream population. We are just too busy to be concerned with anything that seems to not benefit us directly.

As a catalyst of change, I am keenly aware of my surroundings and I have taken many steps to help make things better in my community. I don’t need someone to tell me that food banks are depleted before I initiate a food drive. I am not afraid to pick up abandoned animals off of the street and try to find them new homes. When seeing someone struggling with small children, I will offer to help. If I suspect that a street panhandler really is hungry, I will help him find a meal. I don’t expect people in my community to clean up the garbage that is strewn about the streets, I’ll do it by myself if I have to. I will lead by example to help right the wrongs of the world.

There have been times that I have felt self-pity and unappreciated, but my true nature is that I cannot stand to see humanity suffer, so I persevere. Do I have an ulterior motive? Probably! I would like to see the world become a better place for all of us to live in! Who would not want to reduce crime or eliminate hunger and the pain of the impoverished? If I could make everyone even half as happy as I am, I would be guaranteed that my role as a humanitarian has been a success.

I have been very lucky. The opportunity for me to attend college and receive my Associates Degree in Applied Sciences-Mental Health has been a long time coming. I am now in a position to use my education and new-found perspective on life to help others around me who are less fortunate. If I won the lottery today that would indeed be a huge catalyst for change, but I would still want to heal the world!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

A NIGHT IN MY FAIR CITY...Ushering in Mardi Gras the Detroit way!

Nancy Whiskey looks like a place that ought to be a hoot come St. Patty's Day, but in fact it's also known as a great venue for local blues and jazz bands. I have driven by this cozy old Corktown neighborhood establishment for almost twelve years and I am ashamed to say that I had never been inside, until last night. If not for my dear friend, keyboard musician and rock and roll archivist Leo Early and his band performing there on Friday, I probably would have passed Nancy Whiskey by for another twelve years! What a sweet surprise! We didn't know what we were in for, but the band that was booked for the night, The Motor City Kings, forgot about St. Patty's Day and treated us to a cool evening of hot blues! It was like being in a New Orlean's Bourbon Street hole-in-the-wall and the band helped us feel like we were at Mardi Gras! 

There is nothing quite like the City of Detroit. The media and even myself sometimes, takes a negative view of  this town and who can really blame us. Detroit is run by corrupt politicians and is littered with a mass of burned out rubble that has stood  virtually neglected for over 40 years. Our biggest national claim to fame is that we are continually voted the #1 Worst City in America! Murder Capital! Yay. But just like a diamond in the rough, if you polish us we will glow. Our best attribute is our local talent, our local dives, and the love we show them on a daily basis

Mr. Leo Early on keyboard!
Leo Early is a quiet, unassuming man who is one of our diamonds in the rough. He is a rare Detroit treasure. Leo is smart, funny, and did I say, smart? Really smart! He is an accomplished musician and a writer. Leo has documented and archived a huge collection of data on one of Detroit's most famous vintage dance halls and 1960's rock and roll hippie haven, The Grande Ballroom. Leo, who is affectionately known as "Uncle Leo",  has a passion for all things "Grande", so please check out and subscribe to his blogs if you would like to find out more!  LEO EARLY WEBSITE and LINK to his BLOGS!

Leo is a member of this band! They were awesome!

Big Ray!

Just look at this guy! Is this not the personification of blues and jazz?

Oh look! Me and my big mouth. Again!

And what evening at a downtown Detroit neighborhood bar
would be complete without a Detroit Red Wings fan!
We are pumped!
We are on our way to winning the next Stanley Cup!
 Detroit! What a  fun  place!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

GWEN JOY'S ART SHOW IN DETROIT...this is a must see!

Another great night in Detroit. This time, with my little friend, the lovely artist Gwen Joy. Yep, Gwen Joy is her REAL name! Her first name is Gwen and her last name is Joy! Her brother is Kevin Joy and her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joy! What a great name to go through life with! Gwenny is married to Jeff Meier, a really cool guy who is a musician.

I met up with Gwen at the opening of her snazzy new art exhibit at Motor City Brewing Works on West Canfield in Detroit, near the Wayne State University Campus. Even on a Wednesday night the place was jumping! Students? They all looked a little too old to be students! Anyway, MCBW is a homespun local brewery that is best known for their delicious beer, especially the one called Ghetto Blaster!
                                             MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS WEBSITE

Back to Gwen...
Gwen graduated from art school and is one of the foremost contributors to the metro Detroit art scene. She is most famous for her original, hand made JOY TOYS, which are scary mutations of old and new doll heads sewed onto the bodies of cast-off stuffed animals and now-defunct Beanie Babies! Everyone LOVES Joy Toys and I am surprised the design hasn't been swiped by some big toy manufacturer! Gwen also makes necklaces from found objects like buttons and stones and the like! Very cool!

However, Gwen is MOST famous for her oil paintings of elves, mermaids, clowns, animals and women (who look a lot like self-portraits). What makes these paintings so charming is Gwen's primitive folk-artsy approach. People can argue whether a primitive style is just an excuse for bad techinique, but in Gwen's case her style is one-of-a-kind and I like it. It's only a matter of time before the whole world finally catches on to Gwen's unique work.

Miss Gwen has a a totally fabulous animated website so please check it out and if you are in downtown Detroit, stop in the MCBW for a great beer and a look at her work! All the paintings on the wall are for sale!

                                                      GWEN JOY'S SNAZZY WEBSITE!!

And so another event in Detroit comes and goes and I, the Savvy Senior, get to be a part of it. I'm lovin' it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY...Chocolates and puppies!

I'm sure somebody is going to have a nice day celebrating Valentine's Day with a sweetie pie, but it won't be me. Being married to the same old crabby guy (off and on) for over 40 years has pretty much sucked the romance right out of this holiday! So, I'll buy my own darn candy and flowers...the day AFTER Valentine's Day when everything is 50%  to 75% off! I'm no dummy! I like chocolate and flowers but I got to watch the budget! I will, however, send myself a free AOL eGreeting card on Valentine's Day that says I LOVE ME! I buy my own Christmas gifts and birthday gifts too! That way, I always get stuff I like and won't have to take anything back!

This is me and my husband, Carl Lundgren in North Canton, Ohio, where Carl was the special guest at a fabulous rock and roll poster event from February 10-12. We were treated like royalty, but all we did was work. You would have thought that two nights on a big king-size mattress in nice hotel room would have sparked some pre-Valentine's romantic interest, but no. It's always work, work, work with lover boy! I give up. I'm just about ready to go out and buy a little shaggy "purse puppy" to keep me company and snuggle up with!

Well, I hope all you lovers out there, young and old, have a very sweet fun-filled Valentine's Day, with or without another human being to share it with. I WANT A PUPPY! xo

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A BLAST INTO THE PAST...Another chance to re-live our groovy youth!

Good wine, great people and rock and roll posters!
What a blast

Hello Blogville!
Have you missed me? I missed you!
I would have tried to do a blog Saturday but I forgot my Blogger password!
I'm going to have to remember to bring a copy of my password list with me
whenever I leave the house! It was awful not having access to my blog site!

Giant LED sign flashed on the side of the gallery!
I'll post the other flashings tomorrow!

Copius amounts of food and drink at the event!

My husband and I left Friday morning and drove to a little town in north central Ohio where we had the best time we've had in quite a while! Carl was the Guest of Honor at a special event feauturing the private inventory of a rock poster collector .We were treated like celebrities and we made a ton of money selling Carl's rock and roll posters from the psychedelic '60's! We had a beautiful hotel suite, all expenses paid, and all the food and wine you could imagine! Plus, a huge party was thrown in our honor and a great band played and everyone had an amazing time! Our hosts were so wonderful, we can't thank them enough. This was an event that catered mostly to "Baby Boomers", but we had a 92 year-old attend and a group of twenty-somethings! The poster art scanned generations! It was truly unbelievable. I don't have time to blog more now because we need to run out for groceries, plus I am exhausted. I have dozens of pictures to share and tons more to tell you!

The band and most of the guests were late
fifty-ish years-old but mostly in their sixities!

I can't wait to get my blog out to you all tomorrow! Talk to you then.

Love and peace...Michele

Thursday, February 9, 2012

ROAD TRIP...And art show!

We are going away for the weekend to the beautiful vacation destination paradise of North Canton, Ohio! I can't wait to get on the road at 8:30 Friday morning and drive out in the bitter cold 3-1/2 hours east and then go a little bit south! Ah! The south! Even 100 miles south should be warmer than Detroit, but it's not! It's going to be 22 degrees in North Canton on Saturday and now I have to repack my suitcases...or maybe just stay in the the hotel until check out time on Sunday!

                                          NORTH CANTON CITY WEBSITE! CUTE TOWN!

I should not complain. My husband, the world famous Carl Lundgren, is a rock poster artist rock star and this is an "all expense paid" trip to Ohio. So there! We are getting a nice room for two nights at a Fairfield Inn, meals, gas and tolls, and all the posters we can sell at a wonderful art center in town! Seriously, all of this AND we get to make money hawking art in the dead of winter? I  really am a lucky gal! I've been pretty much living on bread sticks left over from my friend's anniversary party two weeks ago so an opportunity to come home with some money to buy groceries is a real blessing! Money is always tight for a seasonal worker that relys on the summer months and outdoor street art fairs! Because I am so savvy, you would never tell from looking at me just how tough times are! 


This a classic 1968 rock poster by Carl Lundgren!

I am going to try and get a blog off tomorrow.... or Saturday, with pictures of the event. It's gonna be fun! Maybe somebody famous-er will drop by! The last show we did in Columbus, Ohio I got to meet Ted Williams, the homeless guy who was begging on the street that used to have a golden broadcast voice. Remember him? Dr. Phil took him under his wing and and got Ted and his girlfriend, Cathy, into rehab and everyone lived happily ever after...I think I accidently deleted those pictures from my camera or I would have used them in a blog already!

                                                         TED WILLIAMS THE VOICE!!!

Here's how Ted looks today! New veneers on all his teeth and cleaned up!
He is a really sweet guy. I wish I hadn't lost my pictures!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LOVE IS GOOD...And it's everywhere if you just look!

Several years ago I helped coordinate my 40th high school reunion. I grew up in in a smallish community outside of Detroit, and pretty much everyone knew everybody in their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods were defined by streets, and the kids who lived within these streets eventually all went to the same junior high and high school. A lot of the kids in my old neighborhood I've known since kindergarten! We all had relationships that go far and beyond the kind of tenuous relationships we have today. We all literally grew up together. So for some, the reunion was a gathering of people who had deep roots.

Part of the Lowrey Class of 1968
Such was the case for a few of us who attended the reunion. Carol and Sue and I went to a parochial grade school together and so we had a whole range of experiences about being Catholic and  being educated by the ruler across the knuckles slap-happy Catholic nuns of the 1950's! When I look at this picture I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

While standing at the hotel check-in at the reunion, I met up with a former classmate named Irene and although I didn't "hang out" with Irene in school, we both showed up wearing similar cotton sundresses and had the same hair styles! By the end of the reunion, a bond was built with all us girls, Sue, Carol and Irene, and even included three guys from our class and one wife, who had graduated the year after us! We have stayed in touch ever since and try and get together at least once or twice a year.

The whole reunion gang Christmas 2009! Me, Sue, Greg and Irene (behind me).
Carol (behind Irene), Nan and Jerry (to the left), Frank to the right and then Carol's husband, Mark!
One other girl that we all knew joined the Class of 1968 in our senior year, Linda Geluck (Vermulen). She was a really darling perfectly perfect 60's Mod kind of gal, with long blond hair and blue eyes, a great smile...and she was CANADIAN! She was unable to attend the 40th reunion but she was still best friends with Sue, and so we all embraced her into our little clique via emails, Facebook and an occassional cell phone conversation. Linda even visited with us all two years ago from her home in Manitoba! We had so much fun!

Michele, Linda and Sue 2010
I remembered Linda to be such a positive and happy girl. She was an artist and we all shared a love of our art teacher, Mr. Jones. Linda went on to marry a Canadian guy who is a record producer and she became a glass artist/jeweler and a world-class travel photographer. A few weeks ago, while on their yearly vacation to somewhere warm and sunny, Linda got a phone call from the Winnepeg, Manitoba police...or whatever they are called in Canada! Some horrible creature had assaulted her frail 88 year-old mother in her own apartment building and had nearly killed her! I've included one story about the incedent here.

                                                      LINDA'S MOM HOME INVASION!

We have since all rallied around Linda and her family and we are still as one, even though over forty years have passed. The good news is that Linda's mother is recovering and they have CAUGHT the monster that nearly killed her! The even better news is that Linda's beautiful photography was accepted into a juried exhibit at a major local art museum here in Detroit (CAID) and she is flying in for a week! We are all so excited and planning to attend the opening gala and give Linda the accolades she deserves.
                                  A Link To Linda's Work and her Gallery in Gimli, Manitoba!

                                                Contemporary Art Institute Detroit CAID

My point is, life is too short and precious and we all have history. As Valentine's Day approaches, here is some food for thought. When we are given opportunities to show and receive love, from family and friends, past and present, embrace it. Keep your positive attituded and let your hearts be flooded with gratitude. Linda has endured a really terrible couple of weeks, but her mom is recovering and so she is coming to Detroit to see us! If not for a dumb high school reunion, we would not be as close friends as we are now and none of this would have been possible.

Monday, February 6, 2012

IT'S FINALLY OVER...I'll bet you thought it would never end!

Well, today was officially birthday number 62 and marks the end of the most amazing birthday weekend EVER! I have never had more fun at any birthday in my life! Not even birthday number 60 at Boogie Fever in Ferndale! I think the older you get the more you appreciate the little things in life. Let me pick up where Sunday afternoon of "birthday weekend" left we were on on our way out the door...

When I put on my birthday hat yesterday the weekend became even crazier! Everyone seemed to love it. And as I wore it, I could tell that it was my ticket to get away with pretty much anything I wanted to do! Note to old and cute and wear a funny hat every chance you get!

Michele Lundgren and the famous rock star, MITCH RYDER!
I was so cute and funny in my hat on Sunday that I used it as a chance to weasle myself into a couple of  photo opportunities with local and national celebrities...Detroit's own Mitch Ryder (Devil With The Blue Dress On) and Miss Cari Cucksy of reality show fame, Cash and Cari! Hey! I was in the same place as each of them (at different places and times but on the same day), and I never leave home without my professional blogging camera! What else could I do? Mitch and Cari were either really nice or really afraid of me, and the photos show we were having a really good time! 

Michele Lundgren and Cari Cucksy from CASH and CARI! Google her, already!
Around five in the early evening we met up with our dear friends Tom and Dianna  for a super fun birthday dinner at a classy restaurant in The Somerset Mall! Valet parking and everything! Cappuchino followed dinner and then we scooted back to their place to watch the Superbowl. Tom and Dianna aren't big football fans but they indulged me and my husband! I was rooting for the Giants and Carl was for the Patriots and we were hooting and hollering for our respective teams to win! (Ha! Ha! Mine won!) After the half-time show, we busted open a bottle of champagne, ate cake and ice cream, I got to open my gifts, and as the game drew to an end, so did my perfect birthday weekend!
Super cool Tom Lubinski, Carl (in the back), Margo Green, Dianna Lubinski and me!
As I mentioned earlier in this blog, today is my OFFICIAL birthday! I am an Aquarius!

That should explain it all! I am sassy, savvy and living life to the fullest. I don't have a lot of money but I wealthy beyond my wildest dreams! I have friends who love me and I love them too. I've never missed a meal! I've always had a roof over my head. If I won the lottery today it would not make a bit of difference to me! I'd probably just help people less fortunate than me have as much fun as I do! I don't know what else to say other than my birthday ended today with a walk on The Detroit Riverfront with my adorable husband, snapping away with my blogging camera, capturing the waning moments of the best birthday ever! Peace.

It was 46 degrees outside, sunny and a perfect day for a walk! I am blessed!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Tomorrow, Monday February 6th, 2012, is my birthday and I'll officially turn 62 years-old...but I started celebrating it on FRIDAY! When you get to be my age you'd better get in all the celebrating you can! I am so amazingly blessed to be surrounded by such a diverse group of friends that I actually need an entire weekend to fit them all in!

On Friday, February 3rd, I started off my birthday weekend by visiting with a group of local low-budget film makers who were holding a fundraiser/screening for one of their projects. Now, you might think low-budget equals crummy, and in most cases it does. However, these "kids", mostly in their twenties and thirties,  have put together something special...a zombie movie with overtones of terrorism shot right here in metro Detroit. The acting was pretty good and the editing was really good. I liked everything about it and let me tell you, I'm highly critical of these kinds of things! So, I bought myself a drink and then one of the film's producers bought me a drink and I was off to another event! If you want to, you can start keeping track of the cocktails as the night progressed!
                                     THE LAST BROADCAST FILM CLIP! CHECK IT OUT!

Having left the movie-making youngster's scene, which now seems quite tame by comparison,  I sashayed across town to a local neighborhood dive where swinging hipsters more like my age were already in full party mode! The bill of fare was going to feature all punk rock-y kind of music and ultimately, everyone of every age was wearing leather, chains, torn fishnet stocking, tatoos and spiked Mohawk hair-dos! It was about 10:30 PM and the coolest band ever, CIRCUS BOY, was already on stage. The two Vodka Gimlets I had with the film makers were courseing through my blood stream by now and I was feeling kind of frisky! I started dancing to the punk-rock vibe music and since I never act my age, I also started doing a slight variation of head-banging! My sweet friend, Susie, who looks SO good for her age, spoke to the band and they announced over the mic that it was my birthday. The whole place clapped and cheered and I danced and head banged some more! Another couple of wonderful friends, Mamma D and Howard, offered to buy me yet another a cocktail and so I said what the heck! Are we still counting!

Circus Boy Detroit!
                                 CIRCUS BOY MYSPACE PAGE! WATCH AND LISTEN!

Time for act II! I missed it entirely. I can't even remember their name. I know there were a group of guys on stage playing but I was hanging out in another room talking to friends and meeting up with people that I know from Facebook but had I never met in person! My good friend, Brian, bought me another drink and we talked for about 20 minutes. I think my focus was getting blurry as was my speech...but I was still standing!

                                                        PJ'S LAGER HOUSE DETROIT!

Now, Act III was a whole 'nother thing! Colleen Caffeine and her band tore the place to shreds! She was so cool! I loved her. Mini-skirt, leopard patterns, blue-green-pink-red hair! You rawk Miss Colleen!
                                   COLLEEN CAFFEIN AND HER BAND-CHOKING SUSAN!!!

 More head banging ensued because by now I am not feeling any pain...yet! I watched her whole set and then back to the bar area, where the headliner of the evening and superstar of the Detroit scene, Jenna Talia and his entourage had just arrived! Talk about a glitz and glamour attack! That's Jenna! A 6'4" former football player "tranny" in stilettos! The frosting on MY birthday cake! Go Jenna!

Cara, Miss Jenna, and Michele, the birthday girl!

While the paparazzi were blinding us, Jenna and I and my daughter, Cara, who is totally sober and doesn't touch alcohol,  had our picture taken, and Jenna wanted to buy me a birthday shot. You think I would have known better by now and the thought did cross my mind that one more drink might actually kill me, but how could I refuse darling Jenna! So the shot, which I remember tasted kinda sweet, was knocked back and it was all downhill from there! I was feeling woozy and my neck was starting to hurt like whiplash! I had to make a graceful but quick exit. I made some excuses about needing some air, said some hasty good-bys and snuck out the back door. Don't worry! My husband had me covered! I tried to fake not being as drunk as I felt and I did a pretty good job of it until I got home. I didn't feel so well...finish counting the cocktails and you'll get an idea as to how the night ended!

Okay. So that was FRIDAY night! Unfortunately, I missed most of Saturday in recovery mode! I didn't get dressed or out of the house until 4 PM...and that was only to make a quick trip to the grocery store! At 6 PM my dear friends from Ypsilanti came by to shower me with some really lovely gifts and we hung out and talked until about 8...when, fortunaely, they said THEY were tired and needed to head home! It was a totally alcohol free visit with only the home-made chocolate cookies which I managed to throw into the oven only an hour before!

Dave and Little Judy gave me FOUR pieces of Amber/Gold Depression Glass,
a birthday card and $30! I am so loved and I LIKE it!

Now, i'ts Sunday afternoon, and the party continues! We're on our way to meet up with Mich Ryder at his book signing and then my best buds, Dianna and Tom, offered to take me and Carl out to dinner around 5...and then we're going over to their beautiful home to watch the Superbowl! I just don't know how much better this can get...and it's really not even my birthday yet! Wow! Big hugs and sloppy wet smootches to EVERYONE reading my blog. If this is what being 62 years-old and offically getting Social Security is going to be like, I'm  in! Peace!