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Tomorrow, Monday February 6th, 2012, is my birthday and I'll officially turn 62 years-old...but I started celebrating it on FRIDAY! When you get to be my age you'd better get in all the celebrating you can! I am so amazingly blessed to be surrounded by such a diverse group of friends that I actually need an entire weekend to fit them all in!

On Friday, February 3rd, I started off my birthday weekend by visiting with a group of local low-budget film makers who were holding a fundraiser/screening for one of their projects. Now, you might think low-budget equals crummy, and in most cases it does. However, these "kids", mostly in their twenties and thirties,  have put together something special...a zombie movie with overtones of terrorism shot right here in metro Detroit. The acting was pretty good and the editing was really good. I liked everything about it and let me tell you, I'm highly critical of these kinds of things! So, I bought myself a drink and then one of the film's producers bought me a drink and I was off to another event! If you want to, you can start keeping track of the cocktails as the night progressed!
                                     THE LAST BROADCAST FILM CLIP! CHECK IT OUT!

Having left the movie-making youngster's scene, which now seems quite tame by comparison,  I sashayed across town to a local neighborhood dive where swinging hipsters more like my age were already in full party mode! The bill of fare was going to feature all punk rock-y kind of music and ultimately, everyone of every age was wearing leather, chains, torn fishnet stocking, tatoos and spiked Mohawk hair-dos! It was about 10:30 PM and the coolest band ever, CIRCUS BOY, was already on stage. The two Vodka Gimlets I had with the film makers were courseing through my blood stream by now and I was feeling kind of frisky! I started dancing to the punk-rock vibe music and since I never act my age, I also started doing a slight variation of head-banging! My sweet friend, Susie, who looks SO good for her age, spoke to the band and they announced over the mic that it was my birthday. The whole place clapped and cheered and I danced and head banged some more! Another couple of wonderful friends, Mamma D and Howard, offered to buy me yet another a cocktail and so I said what the heck! Are we still counting!

Circus Boy Detroit!
                                 CIRCUS BOY MYSPACE PAGE! WATCH AND LISTEN!

Time for act II! I missed it entirely. I can't even remember their name. I know there were a group of guys on stage playing but I was hanging out in another room talking to friends and meeting up with people that I know from Facebook but had I never met in person! My good friend, Brian, bought me another drink and we talked for about 20 minutes. I think my focus was getting blurry as was my speech...but I was still standing!

                                                        PJ'S LAGER HOUSE DETROIT!

Now, Act III was a whole 'nother thing! Colleen Caffeine and her band tore the place to shreds! She was so cool! I loved her. Mini-skirt, leopard patterns, blue-green-pink-red hair! You rawk Miss Colleen!
                                   COLLEEN CAFFEIN AND HER BAND-CHOKING SUSAN!!!

 More head banging ensued because by now I am not feeling any pain...yet! I watched her whole set and then back to the bar area, where the headliner of the evening and superstar of the Detroit scene, Jenna Talia and his entourage had just arrived! Talk about a glitz and glamour attack! That's Jenna! A 6'4" former football player "tranny" in stilettos! The frosting on MY birthday cake! Go Jenna!

Cara, Miss Jenna, and Michele, the birthday girl!

While the paparazzi were blinding us, Jenna and I and my daughter, Cara, who is totally sober and doesn't touch alcohol,  had our picture taken, and Jenna wanted to buy me a birthday shot. You think I would have known better by now and the thought did cross my mind that one more drink might actually kill me, but how could I refuse darling Jenna! So the shot, which I remember tasted kinda sweet, was knocked back and it was all downhill from there! I was feeling woozy and my neck was starting to hurt like whiplash! I had to make a graceful but quick exit. I made some excuses about needing some air, said some hasty good-bys and snuck out the back door. Don't worry! My husband had me covered! I tried to fake not being as drunk as I felt and I did a pretty good job of it until I got home. I didn't feel so well...finish counting the cocktails and you'll get an idea as to how the night ended!

Okay. So that was FRIDAY night! Unfortunately, I missed most of Saturday in recovery mode! I didn't get dressed or out of the house until 4 PM...and that was only to make a quick trip to the grocery store! At 6 PM my dear friends from Ypsilanti came by to shower me with some really lovely gifts and we hung out and talked until about 8...when, fortunaely, they said THEY were tired and needed to head home! It was a totally alcohol free visit with only the home-made chocolate cookies which I managed to throw into the oven only an hour before!

Dave and Little Judy gave me FOUR pieces of Amber/Gold Depression Glass,
a birthday card and $30! I am so loved and I LIKE it!

Now, i'ts Sunday afternoon, and the party continues! We're on our way to meet up with Mich Ryder at his book signing and then my best buds, Dianna and Tom, offered to take me and Carl out to dinner around 5...and then we're going over to their beautiful home to watch the Superbowl! I just don't know how much better this can get...and it's really not even my birthday yet! Wow! Big hugs and sloppy wet smootches to EVERYONE reading my blog. If this is what being 62 years-old and offically getting Social Security is going to be like, I'm  in! Peace!

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The depression glass is beautiful! What a great iridescent color.

Happy B-day! Cat