Sunday, February 12, 2012

A BLAST INTO THE PAST...Another chance to re-live our groovy youth!

Good wine, great people and rock and roll posters!
What a blast

Hello Blogville!
Have you missed me? I missed you!
I would have tried to do a blog Saturday but I forgot my Blogger password!
I'm going to have to remember to bring a copy of my password list with me
whenever I leave the house! It was awful not having access to my blog site!

Giant LED sign flashed on the side of the gallery!
I'll post the other flashings tomorrow!

Copius amounts of food and drink at the event!

My husband and I left Friday morning and drove to a little town in north central Ohio where we had the best time we've had in quite a while! Carl was the Guest of Honor at a special event feauturing the private inventory of a rock poster collector .We were treated like celebrities and we made a ton of money selling Carl's rock and roll posters from the psychedelic '60's! We had a beautiful hotel suite, all expenses paid, and all the food and wine you could imagine! Plus, a huge party was thrown in our honor and a great band played and everyone had an amazing time! Our hosts were so wonderful, we can't thank them enough. This was an event that catered mostly to "Baby Boomers", but we had a 92 year-old attend and a group of twenty-somethings! The poster art scanned generations! It was truly unbelievable. I don't have time to blog more now because we need to run out for groceries, plus I am exhausted. I have dozens of pictures to share and tons more to tell you!

The band and most of the guests were late
fifty-ish years-old but mostly in their sixities!

I can't wait to get my blog out to you all tomorrow! Talk to you then.

Love and peace...Michele


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming down! Hope to see you again! I love all my posters, and I'm grateful that Carl signed each of them for me! -Jacqui Rodd (barista and bartender @ First Row).

Michele Lundgren said...

I had the best Cappuchino ever! Jacqui was great! She was so sweet and she treated us like royalty! Thanks J! xo