Friday, February 3, 2012

BUTT IN...and butt out!

Social networking, business websites, even your Internet browser homepage like AOL...and blogs! Even blogs! The minute you open your computer up to anything you get hit with invasive, interruptive online COMMERCIALS! Somebody is always trying to sell you something! I can't even write an email anymore without having to look at online ads from SENIOR DATING.COM!! Meet men in Detroit it screams across my computer page! Even if I wanted to meet men, I sure as heck wouldn't pick anyone from Detroit! I'm married and I have too many friends here and I'd be busted in five seconds! But I digress...I have pretty much stopped watching television and listening to the radio. If I want to see local news, I'll just drive down Woodward Avenue and follow one of the news cams or chase an ambulance! National news is too depressing and heaven knows political news is just a waste of air time! Besides, for every three minutes of actual programming, you must endure ten minutes of commercials! What's the point? It's all just so annoying.

Tonight I am going to a fundraiser for a really savvy bunch of young adults in the neighborhood. They are film makers trying to produce a sequel to one of their movies, AND, at the same time, raise enough money to donate to a local no-kill animal shelter! Both items on the agenda are worthy causes and I really looking forward to showing up to offer encouragement and support. Finally, somebody else is throwing a shindig and I can just sit back and enjoy it for a change.

                                      SAVE THE ZOMBIES...AND THE DOGGIES!

In the meantime, I will try and avoid the constant commercial interruptions that plague us all! Even the Superbowl commercials are losing their appeal...but at least they will be NEW commercials that I haven't seen a million times!

These look crummy!

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crawlo said...

I heard that there is bill in congress to lower the sound volume on TV commercials.(To the level of the shows).