Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 For those of you who buy into Astrology, Mercury is going into retrograde again soon and that's never a good thing. We are heading into pre-retrograde and that too can cause a lot of mental and physical disturbances. I don't know what else to blame, but I've been whacked out for the last few days...

For the past 24 hours it seemed like everything was going wrong, but mostly, I was going wrong! Especially with my computer skills! Blogging is hard enough, having to come up with subject matter and all, but when the host sight decides you need to change your whole browser system, that's another story altogether.

I am not 100% computer savvy. I'm at about 85%! But that missing 15% makes a huge difference. I literally spent the entire day yesterday trying to fix my Blogger host. Everything pointed to me changing my browser from the primitive Internet Explorer to a more modern browser, but I was afraid. I had tried Google Chrome once, and I did not like it all. So this time I decided to try Mozilla Firefox and it seems to be working for now. It appears my blogging may get back on track today. We'll see...!

In the meantime, I drove all the way across town over to LA Insurance to buy some new car insurance, and when I got there, I realized I had left my driver's license in another purse! It was 5:30 PM and they close at 6:00, so that's what I'll be doing again, today! Phooey.


 Also, my daughter has to move out of her cute little flat that she's lived in for seven years due to financial woes and MAY have to move back in with me and her dad for a while. Her other option is to take this weird place in Ferndale that is even more expensive than her last place!

Seriously, I did not sleep a wink last night. I woke up this morning and I could not believe the clock read 4:45 AM. I thought I was hallucinating! I've been writing for an hour and I am getting sleepy again, so I'll head back to bed until it at least gets light outside!

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