Thursday, February 16, 2012

GWEN JOY'S ART SHOW IN DETROIT...this is a must see!

Another great night in Detroit. This time, with my little friend, the lovely artist Gwen Joy. Yep, Gwen Joy is her REAL name! Her first name is Gwen and her last name is Joy! Her brother is Kevin Joy and her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Joy! What a great name to go through life with! Gwenny is married to Jeff Meier, a really cool guy who is a musician.

I met up with Gwen at the opening of her snazzy new art exhibit at Motor City Brewing Works on West Canfield in Detroit, near the Wayne State University Campus. Even on a Wednesday night the place was jumping! Students? They all looked a little too old to be students! Anyway, MCBW is a homespun local brewery that is best known for their delicious beer, especially the one called Ghetto Blaster!
                                             MOTOR CITY BREWING WORKS WEBSITE

Back to Gwen...
Gwen graduated from art school and is one of the foremost contributors to the metro Detroit art scene. She is most famous for her original, hand made JOY TOYS, which are scary mutations of old and new doll heads sewed onto the bodies of cast-off stuffed animals and now-defunct Beanie Babies! Everyone LOVES Joy Toys and I am surprised the design hasn't been swiped by some big toy manufacturer! Gwen also makes necklaces from found objects like buttons and stones and the like! Very cool!

However, Gwen is MOST famous for her oil paintings of elves, mermaids, clowns, animals and women (who look a lot like self-portraits). What makes these paintings so charming is Gwen's primitive folk-artsy approach. People can argue whether a primitive style is just an excuse for bad techinique, but in Gwen's case her style is one-of-a-kind and I like it. It's only a matter of time before the whole world finally catches on to Gwen's unique work.

Miss Gwen has a a totally fabulous animated website so please check it out and if you are in downtown Detroit, stop in the MCBW for a great beer and a look at her work! All the paintings on the wall are for sale!

                                                      GWEN JOY'S SNAZZY WEBSITE!!

And so another event in Detroit comes and goes and I, the Savvy Senior, get to be a part of it. I'm lovin' it!


Cara said...

You are the funnest gal in town! I'm living vicariously through YOU!!

No one in particular but someone said...

This is great Michele! it really makes me miss Detroit. Thank you:)
Keep them coming please and thank Johnny Bee for posting on fb!

Michele Lundgren said...

We miss you too, whomever you are! I'll tell Johnny B the next time I see him!

Hey Pussycat! I am having fun! xo