Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY...Chocolates and puppies!

I'm sure somebody is going to have a nice day celebrating Valentine's Day with a sweetie pie, but it won't be me. Being married to the same old crabby guy (off and on) for over 40 years has pretty much sucked the romance right out of this holiday! So, I'll buy my own darn candy and flowers...the day AFTER Valentine's Day when everything is 50%  to 75% off! I'm no dummy! I like chocolate and flowers but I got to watch the budget! I will, however, send myself a free AOL eGreeting card on Valentine's Day that says I LOVE ME! I buy my own Christmas gifts and birthday gifts too! That way, I always get stuff I like and won't have to take anything back!

This is me and my husband, Carl Lundgren in North Canton, Ohio, where Carl was the special guest at a fabulous rock and roll poster event from February 10-12. We were treated like royalty, but all we did was work. You would have thought that two nights on a big king-size mattress in nice hotel room would have sparked some pre-Valentine's romantic interest, but no. It's always work, work, work with lover boy! I give up. I'm just about ready to go out and buy a little shaggy "purse puppy" to keep me company and snuggle up with!

Well, I hope all you lovers out there, young and old, have a very sweet fun-filled Valentine's Day, with or without another human being to share it with. I WANT A PUPPY! xo

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Cara said...

That puppy is cute!