Monday, February 6, 2012

IT'S FINALLY OVER...I'll bet you thought it would never end!

Well, today was officially birthday number 62 and marks the end of the most amazing birthday weekend EVER! I have never had more fun at any birthday in my life! Not even birthday number 60 at Boogie Fever in Ferndale! I think the older you get the more you appreciate the little things in life. Let me pick up where Sunday afternoon of "birthday weekend" left we were on on our way out the door...

When I put on my birthday hat yesterday the weekend became even crazier! Everyone seemed to love it. And as I wore it, I could tell that it was my ticket to get away with pretty much anything I wanted to do! Note to old and cute and wear a funny hat every chance you get!

Michele Lundgren and the famous rock star, MITCH RYDER!
I was so cute and funny in my hat on Sunday that I used it as a chance to weasle myself into a couple of  photo opportunities with local and national celebrities...Detroit's own Mitch Ryder (Devil With The Blue Dress On) and Miss Cari Cucksy of reality show fame, Cash and Cari! Hey! I was in the same place as each of them (at different places and times but on the same day), and I never leave home without my professional blogging camera! What else could I do? Mitch and Cari were either really nice or really afraid of me, and the photos show we were having a really good time! 

Michele Lundgren and Cari Cucksy from CASH and CARI! Google her, already!
Around five in the early evening we met up with our dear friends Tom and Dianna  for a super fun birthday dinner at a classy restaurant in The Somerset Mall! Valet parking and everything! Cappuchino followed dinner and then we scooted back to their place to watch the Superbowl. Tom and Dianna aren't big football fans but they indulged me and my husband! I was rooting for the Giants and Carl was for the Patriots and we were hooting and hollering for our respective teams to win! (Ha! Ha! Mine won!) After the half-time show, we busted open a bottle of champagne, ate cake and ice cream, I got to open my gifts, and as the game drew to an end, so did my perfect birthday weekend!
Super cool Tom Lubinski, Carl (in the back), Margo Green, Dianna Lubinski and me!
As I mentioned earlier in this blog, today is my OFFICIAL birthday! I am an Aquarius!

That should explain it all! I am sassy, savvy and living life to the fullest. I don't have a lot of money but I wealthy beyond my wildest dreams! I have friends who love me and I love them too. I've never missed a meal! I've always had a roof over my head. If I won the lottery today it would not make a bit of difference to me! I'd probably just help people less fortunate than me have as much fun as I do! I don't know what else to say other than my birthday ended today with a walk on The Detroit Riverfront with my adorable husband, snapping away with my blogging camera, capturing the waning moments of the best birthday ever! Peace.

It was 46 degrees outside, sunny and a perfect day for a walk! I am blessed!

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