Saturday, February 18, 2012

A NIGHT IN MY FAIR CITY...Ushering in Mardi Gras the Detroit way!

Nancy Whiskey looks like a place that ought to be a hoot come St. Patty's Day, but in fact it's also known as a great venue for local blues and jazz bands. I have driven by this cozy old Corktown neighborhood establishment for almost twelve years and I am ashamed to say that I had never been inside, until last night. If not for my dear friend, keyboard musician and rock and roll archivist Leo Early and his band performing there on Friday, I probably would have passed Nancy Whiskey by for another twelve years! What a sweet surprise! We didn't know what we were in for, but the band that was booked for the night, The Motor City Kings, forgot about St. Patty's Day and treated us to a cool evening of hot blues! It was like being in a New Orlean's Bourbon Street hole-in-the-wall and the band helped us feel like we were at Mardi Gras! 

There is nothing quite like the City of Detroit. The media and even myself sometimes, takes a negative view of  this town and who can really blame us. Detroit is run by corrupt politicians and is littered with a mass of burned out rubble that has stood  virtually neglected for over 40 years. Our biggest national claim to fame is that we are continually voted the #1 Worst City in America! Murder Capital! Yay. But just like a diamond in the rough, if you polish us we will glow. Our best attribute is our local talent, our local dives, and the love we show them on a daily basis

Mr. Leo Early on keyboard!
Leo Early is a quiet, unassuming man who is one of our diamonds in the rough. He is a rare Detroit treasure. Leo is smart, funny, and did I say, smart? Really smart! He is an accomplished musician and a writer. Leo has documented and archived a huge collection of data on one of Detroit's most famous vintage dance halls and 1960's rock and roll hippie haven, The Grande Ballroom. Leo, who is affectionately known as "Uncle Leo",  has a passion for all things "Grande", so please check out and subscribe to his blogs if you would like to find out more!  LEO EARLY WEBSITE and LINK to his BLOGS!

Leo is a member of this band! They were awesome!

Big Ray!

Just look at this guy! Is this not the personification of blues and jazz?

Oh look! Me and my big mouth. Again!

And what evening at a downtown Detroit neighborhood bar
would be complete without a Detroit Red Wings fan!
We are pumped!
We are on our way to winning the next Stanley Cup!
 Detroit! What a  fun  place!

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