Thursday, February 2, 2012

ON WARD AND UPWARD...when you're down so far where else can you go?

Well, today is going to be an all time low for me, but I will look on the bright side. Although I really love house cleaning and I am really good at it, I never thought I would be so broke as to have to do it for somebody else! It's not like I am working in a cheap hotel or anything. My good friend knows how things are for me financially right now and when her regular housekeeper called in sick, she offered me the job! And I was so grateful to get it! Overjoyed actually! I wish I didn't have to accept money for cleaning her house because she is always so generous with me, but I have to...

This is how the cosmos works sometimes! Cleaning houses seems like a step down from my personal fantasy reality show charmed life. One day I am showing a 2 million dollar house to real estate clients and the next day I am cleaning it! On the flip side, I have a friend who loves me and cares enough about me to want to help and what could be better than that?

As the scripture (or something) says, "This too shall pass". It's only a temporary situation for me and my husband. If I can hold out for a few more weeks the art show season will start back up and we'll be making money again! But this brick wall is about the hardest one I've hit in a long time. If I didn't have the ultimate goal of getting my Associates Degree in June of 2013, I might have considered taking some drastic measures. Don't worry. I'll forge ahead! I promised myself to keep this blog going for a year so I guess I'm kind of stuck! Always remember that GOALS are great but good friends are even better!

About that "GROUNDHOG"...six more weeks of winter! How DOES he do it?

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