Thursday, February 9, 2012

ROAD TRIP...And art show!

We are going away for the weekend to the beautiful vacation destination paradise of North Canton, Ohio! I can't wait to get on the road at 8:30 Friday morning and drive out in the bitter cold 3-1/2 hours east and then go a little bit south! Ah! The south! Even 100 miles south should be warmer than Detroit, but it's not! It's going to be 22 degrees in North Canton on Saturday and now I have to repack my suitcases...or maybe just stay in the the hotel until check out time on Sunday!

                                          NORTH CANTON CITY WEBSITE! CUTE TOWN!

I should not complain. My husband, the world famous Carl Lundgren, is a rock poster artist rock star and this is an "all expense paid" trip to Ohio. So there! We are getting a nice room for two nights at a Fairfield Inn, meals, gas and tolls, and all the posters we can sell at a wonderful art center in town! Seriously, all of this AND we get to make money hawking art in the dead of winter? I  really am a lucky gal! I've been pretty much living on bread sticks left over from my friend's anniversary party two weeks ago so an opportunity to come home with some money to buy groceries is a real blessing! Money is always tight for a seasonal worker that relys on the summer months and outdoor street art fairs! Because I am so savvy, you would never tell from looking at me just how tough times are! 


This a classic 1968 rock poster by Carl Lundgren!

I am going to try and get a blog off tomorrow.... or Saturday, with pictures of the event. It's gonna be fun! Maybe somebody famous-er will drop by! The last show we did in Columbus, Ohio I got to meet Ted Williams, the homeless guy who was begging on the street that used to have a golden broadcast voice. Remember him? Dr. Phil took him under his wing and and got Ted and his girlfriend, Cathy, into rehab and everyone lived happily ever after...I think I accidently deleted those pictures from my camera or I would have used them in a blog already!

                                                         TED WILLIAMS THE VOICE!!!

Here's how Ted looks today! New veneers on all his teeth and cleaned up!
He is a really sweet guy. I wish I hadn't lost my pictures!

Wish me luck!


Cara said...

Have a GREAT trip! I know you will make lots of money!! I have a feeling there's a fan that will drop at least 300- alone on Daddy!

nuntukamen said...

Hey you! You'll be right by Danny (my boy) in the Cuyahoga Falls and Akron area...and my Uncle is in North Canton---what's going on there?

Did you read the excerpt from SafeHouse II? Have you read SafeHouse yet? Get busy if you haven't. I think its going to be staged in '13.

See you spring Break..check out Coastcon, check out any Detroit thing and get me info. Love you.