Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DETROIT...Come back to us before you are lost forever.

Ain't this a hoot?
Old sign in a park serves as
a memory of the way we were...
 It took me exactly sixty seconds to pick up a pile of trash that had been sitting on the corner of Park and Peterboro for about a month...WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? I just kept hoping somebody ELSE would do it! What was in that pile of trash? A wig, dirty diapers, beer bottles, cigarette packs, and assorted  sundry was originally IN a garbage bag, but it had busted open and had sat there in an unsightly mess. I FINALLY got sick of looking at it and cleaned it up today. On Sunday of this week, I had asked several of the young adults in my neighborhood to get a garbage bag and go clean it up, and they laughed at me! They were too busy racing their very expensive RC toy cars...ON THE VERY CORNER OF THE STREET THAT WAS STREWN WITH THE TRASH! Is this what is happening to our youth. Are they enured to the blight and violence around them and becoming so totally self-absorbed? 

Bag of trash that sat there...ignored...

Wigs, cigarettes,diapers, plastic baby bottles, booze bottles...
and then dumped on MY BLOCK!
Are you happy where our tax dollars are going?
I just now went out into the street and cleaned up my block. Again. But I will have to tell you that an amazing thing did happen. Two social workers on their way to C.O.T.S. , otherwise known as The Coalition On Temporary Shelter, walked by me and I engaged them immediately. I asked them if they were, in fact, on their way to COTS, a few feet away.  I suggested to them that they give their "population" a few rakes and garbage bags and get them to go on out on this lovely morning to clean up the REST of the trash BEFORE they get all their free handouts for the day! They both thought it was a good idea! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Had it never occurred to them that if you actually made people WORK for their FREE food and shelter, they would do it? Also, a few black men saw me, all old and white-haired and  bedraggled, struggling in the weed infested trash mountains, and actually stopped to help. One guy did pick up a can...but I was so appreciative of even THAT small gesture. I won't quit on on Detroit. I will get mad and beat it up, but I won't quit. I'll keep MY block clean and I will lead by example.

And this is all on just ONE BLOCK...and there was MORE!
There is a Spirit of Detroit...a very small spirit, but it is out there.
Someone just needs to light a fire under the IDIOTS running this city.


Maureen McDonald said...

I often picked trash in my GreenAcres neighborhood. One of the craziest finds was an empty package of "Horniest Goat Weed." Somebody must have got lucky and threw away the telling evidence.

Donna said...

When I lived there I dragged the dumpster through the alley and in front of the houses of Peterboro and cleaned regularly. I guess you never realized because you always stayed in the Addison and took care of Charlotte. Bob keeps calling Joel to clean up. Why? I don't get it. Joel could get his guys I guess but your neighbors should also get out there and clean up their front lawns. I live in a rented house and I clean up regularly here in Ferndale too, I don't leave it for the landlord. I never could understand the neighbors not helping. I was at the Fly trap today for lunch and their parking lot looks like Park St by the Mansion. Thanks for everything Michele

Michele Lundgren said...

I just like mess...especially a messy CITY! LOL Love you both!

Michele Lundgren said...

I love Green Acres!


I just figured I'd shut up and do myself now. JOEL???? HAHAHAH! THAT would be the day! Have you seen HIS house lately? LOL