Friday, March 16, 2012


Detroit, Michigan, boasts one of the oldest neighborhoods around. Settled in 1834 by a predominantly Irish population, Corktown remains as lovely and vibrant as it did way back in the day! Rows of old middle class wooden houses decorated with gingerbread line the red brick pavements. Two of the oldest houses in the entire city are located in the area known as Corktown. And the best part of the neighborhood is that the old Catholic Church, Most Holy Trinity, is still standing and holding Mass every Sunday. Corktown residents keep their community spotless and you will find many families that live there are descendants of the original settlers that came here.                 MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH

Most Holy Trinity Church-Corktown!

Is this house cute or what?
Today, Corktown draws many kinds of people to the local bars and restaurants that have cropped up, and hipsters from all the Metro D flock to them on weekends. Someplace in Detroit has to be cool!

The traditional St. Patrick's Day Parade is clearly the emerald in the crown of Corktown! For as many years as I can remember, the parade runs down Michigan Avenue and thousands of people are Irish for a minute. The parade is always held the Sunday BEFORE St. Patrick's Day, so this year we've had a week long celebration.  And the drinking; YIKES! It's been a 24 hour a day Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!
Here I am on Michigan Avenue with some of the happiest lasses I know,
The Motor City Rah Rahs! Don't ask!
What is MY connection to St. Patrick's Day? As the luck of the Irish would have it, my Catholic parents lived in a suburban neighborhood west of Detroit and in 1956, their parish built their first parochial school. Guess where we got our nuns from? IRELAND! Marist nuns with Irish brogues and those real rosy (or Rosacia) colored cheeks! I was taught everything about St. Patrick and the snakes and I even learned how to Irish Step dance. To this day when I hook up with friends from the neighborhood  we break into the count...1-2-3-4-5-6-7      1-2-3 and a 1-2-3!! Man, I was really was lucky!

 So, after a week of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, the REAL St. Patrick's Day is finally here and oh brother, what can happen now? I can only hope that everyone celebrating Friday will be too hung over on Saturday the 17th. Have a fun one! Peace

Tailgating at a St. Patrick's Day Parade?

There's a parade float in there somewhere!

Dolly the her Irish best!

God Bless America! And beer. And the car wash!

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