Monday, March 5, 2012

I GOT LUCKY...A gift of Mayan treasure!

 Just a couple of random, fleeting thoughts today because not much else has been happening around here! Ever since I got walloped in the head last week, I've been expecting a brain hemorrhage to put an end to all of this. On a brighter side, I am trying really hard to beat back the depression that crept in all last week.

Sue Roedding Hill, Carl Lundgren, Linda Vermuelen, Michele Lundgren

On Saturday, March 3rd, my friend from back in 1968 in high school, Linda Geluck Vermuelen, was in town over the weekend to attend the opening reception at a local art institute that featured her work. Linda is a photographer who lives in a small lakeside resort town, Gimli, Manitoba. I have mentioned her before here on my blog. Linda had two beautiful black and white prints in the exhibit and several of our mutual friends showed up to help her celebrate. Linda is a very sweet and kindhearted soul who is genuinely talented in many ways. We drank a lot of champagne and other cocktails and went to Cafe du Mongo Speakeasy after the show and had a really fun time. Too bad Linda lives so far away, eh!

                                        CONTEMPORARY ART INSTITUTE DETROIT 

During our visit, Linda presented me with several Mayan artifacts from her last vacation to The Yucatan Peninsula and the BECAN ancient ruins. I had asked Linda if she could bring me back something from the sacred grounds because I am big believer in The Mayan Prophecy. I got a broken shard of old Mayan pottery, a rock in the shape of a heart, an old souvenir of The Mayan Calendar that she had found in the dirt, and a book. I am counting the days until the great rift opens and takes me back home on the mother ship.I am thinking about getting a Mayan image as a tattoo! Let's see, a college degree AND a tattoo after the age of sixty! I rock. I better hurry it up though...time is running out!

                                                            MAYAN PROPHECY 2012

Real Ancient Mayan Treasures! I am so lucky!

                  Mayan Calendar Disk 



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