Monday, March 12, 2012

I SHOULD KNOW BETTER...But I live dangerously!

The proverbial "Home Alone" terror shot expressing
the face of "what have I got myself into now? "

Well, you think I would have learned a lesson the LAST time I went to a rock concert, but apparently I did not. Getting clocked in the side of the head is like riding a bicycle: if you get clocked, (or fall off a bike), you just get right back on that bike or get yourself out to another dangerous rock concert and get over your crybaby self! I have been a huge fan of The Goddamn Gallows for a while now. I thought I knew what I was getting into when I bought the family tickets to go out and see the band, but I was just a tiny bit wrong. We had all "witnessed" the amazing talent and entertainment of this gutter-billy punk rock band a few years ago at a private party, but we had never been able to catch up with them to check out their LIVE VENUE performances, where ANYTHING goes! This band is HUGELY popular and tours fast and furiously all over the country! Being that they were appearing just up the street from where I live, it would have been a terrible loss for me to stay home. And heck, tickets were only TEN BUCKS and you got to see FOUR BANDS! Sounded good to me and it WAS! If you EVER get a chance to see this band live and in concert at ANY price, DO IT! And then you can say you have done everything.

                           THE GODDAMN GALLOWS WEBSITE!

Alright then. The band takes the stage and the roller coaster ride begins!
There are like SEVEN musicians playing instruments ranging from bass fiddle
to mandolin, to banjo, to accordion, to snare drums and guitar!
And the always fun, spoons and washboard!
Everyone jumps all over the stage and into the audience and switches out instruments.
They climb all over the place, spit HUGE wads of chaw, stomp the stage, and
generally make a ruckus. Not a real messy ruckus. Just a ruckus.

Okay. So it was a young and rowdy crowd.
I try and fit in everywhere I go!

You know me!
Stuff my head inside a bass fiddle for a photo op!

Oh Jeez! The slam dancing began and I barely
got out of the way! That's my daughter Cara!
She was glaring at some kid  who was getting
a little too close with his flailing fists!

So he looks like he just escaped from a
mental asylum. Or prison. Or both.
He's a really nice guy once you get to know him!
I liked him!

What can be more fun at a live show than watching someone
in the band get hit over the head with a beer bottle? Oh relax!
It was "staged" you big sissies! He got right up and closed out
the show with spitting gasoline and blowing fire out of his mouth!

Too funny! My poor husband gets dragged along with me!
He's struggling to look like he's having fun. I know that  he was!

My policy is only to attend shows that have
werewolves playing washboard and spoons

I wasn't the only old dame at the gig!
This is the bass fiddle player's proud mom!
Show's about over and I'm still alive!

I'm gonna let you fill in your own caption here!

This show was absolutely the best time I've had in a long time! I know I stand out like a proverbial sore thumb in my little polka-dot polyester dress and hair bow, but that's what I do! I seek out the strange and unusual! I like to go to places like THE MUTTER MUSEUM IN PHILADELPHIA, haunted cemeteries in New Orleans. And  morgues! I like morgues. I'll slam on the car brakes if I am out in the country and a big old abandoned house that looks like it belongs in an Alfred Hitchcock movie beckons me to come inside! What can I say. I am a woman of many different personalities. I'd be afraid of me if I didn't already know me and like me! If you want to live life in the fast and fun lane, you can be my friend too! But I am very selective. Auditions will be held soon! XO Peace.


Anonymous said...

Carl's face is priceless! Oh time I come to MI we will do an vacant, haunted house tour with Susie..we only did 2 on the Sunday I was there but there are many beautful, empty, old ones ...

I'm glad you are out doing these concerts & having fun...and without a hardhat!

What a great blog... I miss you guys...Love, Linda XXXOOO

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