Saturday, March 31, 2012

ONE WEEK YOU ARE IN...The next week you are out!

Jesus of Nazareth. King of the Jews. On one weekend He rode into Jerusalem town being hailed as the new Messiah.  Less then seven days later, He was tortured and hung up on cross...not as a messiah, but as a pariah! Sometimes you just can't win. I know about this kind of mob mentality all too well. Cliques. Not a good thing.

 On this day when the Lord Jesus entered the city, all His followers took the strips and branches of Palm and gathered around Him to welcome Him. The people who gathered all around Him laid the palm leaves and branches in the way of Lord Jesus as He approached towards Jerusalem. As the Lord Jesus was heading towards Jerusalem His main motive behind this was to give His life for the sake of His followers. His followers did not know of His motives. Thus was the spiritual path the Lord Jesus.

There are many people out in the world right now who try to follow in the Lord Jesus' footsteps, but maybe because they are NOT Lord Jesus, they find a lot of obstacles in their way. Although their intentions are honorable, sometimes they are misunderstood. One day they are going about their merry way beloved by all and then the next day, they say or do something that causes their entire life's work to come crashing down. It is the eternal struggle that you are are not measured by the good you do, only by the mistakes you make along the road to enlightenment. Judging is easy. Forgiveness, apparently, is not. Hence, poor Lord Jesus gets thrown under the proverbial bus in His quest to save mankind. So do a lot of people trying to be good Samaritans. 

If you see somebody TRYING to do good deeds, don't be harsh to them just because you think there is no method to their madness. Instead, why not just lead by example, always being forgiving and kind. Rise above the challenges. Consider that everyone in your life has been sent to you for a purpose. To learn from. No dog is ever too old to learn a new trick.

I come to you all in peace as we begin Holy Week, Christians and Jews alike, and I have some really great spiritually uplifting stories that will follow. 


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