Monday, March 19, 2012

PITY PARTY...Table for one!

Tuesday March 20th, 2012, will suck. It will be the final nail in the "officially I'm old" coffin. When I log into my online bank account in the morning, I will find my first Social Security Check deposited there. Whoopie. It's so small I think I could collect more than that picking up cans with ten cent deposits on them!

Oh well. I suppose it could be worse. I didn't work very hard my whole life, and now it's pay day! I say this as I am filling out the broke-ass senior citizen's retirement plan...LOTTERY TICKETS. What else do I have to look forward to?

I've only stuck to a few things in my life and I've walked out on most everything else. I stuck with my husband and my marriage and I kept my kid and pet. I'm about one minute away from quitting college, but I've only got a little over a year left so it would be a big waste if I ducked out now.

Like that bride from Georgia a few years ago, I'm a runner. I am so sad, disgruntled, and just generally feeling cursed right now. I just can't get happy anymore. You wouldn't get that  from looking at me...I should be winning an acting award. I want to run...away...but with no money and no place to go I'll just hang on a bit longer, 'till I'm 65 and I can get free health care. If I live long enough.


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Anonymous said...

You have also "stuck with" your love of life, the arts, and supporting your friends, and helping your fellow man when you can. Feeling helpless at this stage of life at times is something most of us out dealing with. Your posts at the very least let us know we are not in this alone, and the funny ones cheer us up. I took my Canada pension early starting this year. I won't get as much but we need the extra money now. Well...maybe we will all end up at a senior's "commune" we create together someday : ) least we will have lots of stories!!!! Love you Michele...Linda XXXOOO