Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spiritual Awakenings...We all need to be reminded from time to time!

Don't get me wrong. I am not a devout Catholic, I am not a devout anything. I was raised a Catholic and I like the ceremony of the Eucharist. I like the smell of Frankincense and Myrrh and the iconography and ritual that go along with it. I go to church. Sometimes. I am what is known as a "C and E" Catholic...Christmas and Easter! Well, at least I try and attend Mass during those High Holy Days! I am sure it is more often than other lapsed Catholics! When I go to Mass, I like to go to all of the churches in metropolitan Detroit. I've been almost everywhere to attend Mass! Ask me!

I believe in a power higher than myself. I am not a member of AA, but I subscribe to this tenet. I have read about and/or studied over ten religions, but I am not a BAHAI. I love the ideology of the Bahai faith and I have visited  their main place of worship in metro Chicago. It's very cool.

I was in San Francisco in the late1960's when Sri Prabhupada came to town and rented a small place of Hindu worship on Frederick Street (near The Casa Madrona where I had set up housekeeping for a brief time). The movement became known as "The Hare Krishnas". KRISHNA HOME PAGE  Later in my life, when I moved to New York City, I hooked up again with the "Krishnas" and spent time with them in their temple in Brooklyn. It was my good Karma (and I do have some), that led me to making the acquaintance of two of the most spiritually enlightened people on this planet today, Charles and Patricia Henderson, otherwise known as Chaturatma and Pashupati. I have been blessed to have eaten "prasadam", and I have humbly chanted the divine Maha Mantra. You can check out Chaturatma Dasa on his FB page. He's a groovy little dude with a lot of tats and a spiky hair cut and he looks like Sting from the Police! Pash and Chatur still live near the ashram in Alachua, Florida. I haven't seen them in a while but we still exchange, of all things, CHRISTMAS CARDS every year! There is a temple in Detroit and I have been there as well. I wish I could be a better Devotee. I like them a lot. Hare Krishna!

Chaturatma Dasa. My sweet Devotee friend.
 Starting in 1976 I lived in "The City", as NYC is referred to, for about eight years. It was at 181st Street and Riverside Drive in Washington Heights. I had a fabulous apartment on Haven Avenue, overlooking the Hudson River. (Insert a longing "I wanna go back" sigh here). Washington Heights was home to a large population of Orthodox Jews...and Haitians! So I was fortunate enough to have been invited to many Passover Seders, Bar and Bas Mitvas, and to just "go to Temple" once in a while! I wish I could say I got to interlope on a Haitian religious ceremony, but all I know about that is somebody was doing some ritual sacrifices in a field because I stumbled across a few goat heads from time to time...or maybe somebody was practicing "witchcraft"!

When I go to New Orleans, I have a special affinity for Marie Laveau, a Haitian Voodoo Queen and spiritual leader, who graced me once with her spirit presence by appearing in one of my photographs of  her burial vault as a beautiful orb. I showed the photo to a spiritualist in NOLA and he concurred that is was indeed Marie Laveau, as the high Mambo always enters and leaves her resting place in the upper right corner of her tomb (hey, that was his story and I'm sticking to it!). When I took my photograph of Marie Laveau's tomb, it was back in the day when we used FILM! I shot two color rolls of Kodak film and had them developed at a special lab. I got the "proof" sheet and picked out the photos I though were the best. When I got the prints back, the only photo to have an orb was the one of Marie Laveau. Here's the amazing part: I have ONE framed copy of the photograph today hanging in my dining room and I am NOT taking it out of the frame. All the other prints and the negatives were "accidently" destroyed in a fire. The last print is one of my prized possessions. Mother Laveau has been kind enough to allow me to keep one of her pictures and for that I am so thankful. Which reminds me, I had better leave her an offering when I am done writing this blog...!

Thank you Mother Laveau for allowing me to share this
photography with my friends. Do you see the ORB?

I have also actually read from The Book of Mormon (I got bored in a hotel once and read the copy in the nightstand drawer). I have a copy of The I Ching, which was published in the 1960's. Who doesn't know about Lord Buddha? The Tao? Wicca? I don't know much about being a Muslim, but I have had a little pocket copy of the Koran. I have studied the Brazilian practices of Santaria. Heck, I've even owned books from The Church of The Sub-Genius! I know I am Atlantean and not from Mu. I've been to Cassadega. I have felt the palms my hands inexplicably raise to heavens when I visited the vortex in Sedona. I have a deep fascination and longing for all things spiritual. And yet...I can't seem to get it together. I still don't know who I am or what is my purpose. I'm always in a state of confusion and negativity. I need some "SLACK"!

I need to make the pilgrimage to the Yucatan Peninsula in December 2012. If anyone is going to get zapped up into the sky when the great rift opens and the mother ship comes back to take us home, it's gonna be me! And if that doesn't happen, I'll be at my wits end.

Next week, as we enter into the high holy days of the Christian faith, starting with Palm Sunday and then a week later, culminating with Easter, I'm going to try and behave myself and be more like Lord Jesus.  Well, maybe that's too big of a promise I know I probably can't keep! But I'm going to really work on it.


Anonymous said...

Well, you do have a Mayan "token" to get on the plane now...or is that to "pay the ferryman"! : )


Leo B said...

I've been to the crypt of Marie LaVeau in New Orleans as well, I'll send you a pic !