Monday, April 16, 2012

BEST DEAL IN THE "D"...Kenny! Our Curbside Mechanic!

As you all must know by now, when you are old and trying to get by in today's Metro Detroit local economy, one must be a really SAVVY SENIOR! I dress like a million bucks in my Value World clothing, I "split" dinners with my family and friends (a good way to keep my girlish figure), and I look for "two-fers" coupons and "groupons" online or in the papers. My college tuition is free because I am over sixty years-old and I live in Wayne County! And don't tell anyone but, I bring my own booze to bars in a small silver purse size flask! I'll order a diet coke or a cranberry juice and add my own expensive Vodka or Spiced Rum! I have to. I really can't afford to actually DRINK at bars! I wish I could. That's life. I try to make things look good. But the best thing I have EVER discovered in Detroit to save money was finding the greatest guy I have met in a long time, KENNY! THE CURBSIDE MECHANIC! 

I know what your asking yourself right now, "what's a curbside mechanic"? I coined that term for the men who own their own mechanics tools and will come to your house, or you can go to theirs, and they will fix your cars. Carl and I have had several "curbside mechanics" throughout our lives. Our first guy was when we lived in a small rural town in Florida. His name was Curtis Youmans. Curtis was about 19 years-old, five feet tall and full of moxie. He wasn't academically smart, but that kid was a genius when it came to car repair. When I had to buy a used car, I brought Curtis along! I wouldn't have had it any other way. Our next "curbside" mechanic was John, who lived in Southwest Detroit. John didn't actually have his own car, but he did own a lot of tools! I loved going over to John's totally dilapidated house where he lived with his mother because it bumped up against the old Woodlawn Cemetery, and I do like cemeteries! John's house was surrounded by automotive recycling centers, or junk yards as they are more commonly known! Between the grave stones, the old cars and the barking dogs, it was quite the experience. I can't remember how we found Curtis, but John was referred to us by an artist acquaintance, Marty Hirshak! Although John was a great mechanic, he did drink a little too much and we soon had to resort to finding another guy to fix our vehicles. That's how we came to need Kenny. Do you know how amazing it is to have a mechanic you can depend on?

Kenny is a world-class mechanic that we found on Craigslist. We have been using Kenny for about three years now and he has never let us down. We usually get a "free estimate" from a top dollar dealership like Belle Tire so Kenny has an idea of what is wrong. Carl usually goes with Kenny to get and pay for the parts. Kenny then comes back and does his job and then we pay him a fraction of what Belle Tire would have charged for the labor and the parts! Kenny is honest and trustworthy, and you don't find that in too many people these days. We go to his place for repairs sometimes, but mostly he comes to ours. Kenny has done our brakes numerous times. Oil changes, exhaust work, front end work, power steering, electrical, whatever you need when ever you might need it. Today he did a tune up on Cara's 1999 Camry for about $150 including a lot of extra parts and labor!! He just doesn't do engines or transmissions.

I am now turning YOU on to Kenny! You can go on being foolish and pay top dollar for your car repairs, or you can be savvy like me and CALL KENNY! You will not be sorry that you did!




Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Your 1999 Camry?

Michele Lundgren said...

I gave the Camry to Cara. I'm getting a new car...soon.