Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...Nurture vs. Nature?

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Short of kidnapping, it doesn't really matter how you became a mom, or to whom or what. All that matters is that amazing feeling you have when you become responsible for another life. Take the baby bird I found yesterday. It was so tiny and alien looking that I just didn't know what to do. The hatchling did not simply fall out of a fell or was pushed out of one the nests that are in the eves of the house next door! So it was pretty much going to stay on the ground.

 A few days before we stumbled onto this little creature flopping around in the low grass next to our deck, we found two other dead birds that were really young. Regarding those two, I just figured the mom had abandoned them due to their being sick or something. I didn't feel any less motherly then either. I felt sad. However, this little guy looked a bit older and seemed pretty spunky! Before I picked it up though, I looked on the internet to find out about orphaned baby birds, just to be sure I was doing the right's a tough call.

He got bigger overnight!
According the articles I read, sometimes mother birds shove the birds out the nest early and "fledge" them on the ground. Sometimes the nest is just too small for them after a certain point. I also learned that a mother bird can hear the sound of her young from as far as two blocks away! Another really good point I learned  is that human scent on a bird does NOT cause the mother bird to hurt or abandon her young. So that's good to know. Also, baby birds really only have an 85% rate of survival! With or without our help! Oh yeah, and you need to feed them CAT FOOD! Ironic!

                                                  WHAT TO DO WITH A BABY BIRD!

All of the above factors are pretty similar to raising a baby human. You just have to love them, no matter what, and sometimes you even have to kick them out of the nest! But unlike baby birds, human children have a habit of returning BACK to the nest! Warm, dry, comfortable, mommy shoving food down their throats all day...what human kid wouldn't want THAT! So today on MOTHER'S DAY 2012, I am loving the baby bird as if it were human, and I am loving my human as if it were a baby bird! Love is love, no matter WHAT the species! Go figure.

My little hatchling! Cara! xoxo Mommy

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