Tuesday, August 21, 2012

VAY CAY DAY... Only 15 minutes away!

Grosse Pointe Farms! I LOVED it!

I am dumbfounded! Who knew that less than fifteen minutes from my downtown Detroit front door existed a veritable Alice in Wonderland neighborhood! I have spent the last eleven years of my life all mopey and forlorn, wishing I could escape from my shabby surroundings. Who knew that Grosse Pointe Farms (or any of the "Pointes" for that matter), would have provided me with the change of scenery I so desperately needed! 

Fate brought me to the quaint location on Kercheval just north of beautiful Lake St. Clair. The Realtor in me had just sold a house and the closing was to be located in an office here. As I approached my destination, I sighed audibly with joy and took in whole picture! The lovely tree lined street was dotted with pieces of art sponsored by the local community! Race car type banners were draped in the air. Every storefront was architecturally pleasing to the eye. All of the restaurants had little doggy water stations, some even had doggy FOUNTAINS made out of Pewabic Pottery! Flowers were blooming and everything was clean and just glowed. I immediately felt relaxed; like I had just done Yoga without the effort! I took a few more deep, cleansing breaths and sighed again...such a nice place.

Of course, I am a very visual and superficial person! I'll admit it: I like stuff! I didn't pay  too much attention to the actual PEOPLE! The people I did notice seemed pretty well-off and comfortable. All the men were wearing khaki-colored pants with navy blue blazers and loafers or "slipper-like" shoes with no socks. Very "Yacht Club"! All the women had on back tights and heels with lots of silver jewelry or were wearing work-out clothes! It was my very own Rodeo Drive moment! And then I had to go back home. Phooey.

However, this experience has proven to be one of the highlights of my summer (the other has YET to happen)! I have learned, like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, that there really is "no place like home"...give or take fifteen minutes! I think that I could learn to spend a lot more time hanging out in Grosse Pointe Farms, but I'll have to stop dropping the "f" bomb so often or they won't let me back in! You can take the girl out of the city but the city girl might have to make a few adjustments! I'm a fast learner! Just watch!

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