Monday, September 17, 2012

TAKE IT...and run.

THE KISS by Gustav Klimpt

Sensuality simply oozes from this amazing work of art. I am sure there has to be a back story to this painting because as a writer writes what they know, artistic endeavors are also laced with threads of reality. Klimpt left behind this representation of a moment in time...somebody' private and personal moment. I want to claim it as my own. I want to be the fragile woman clad only in a cape, feeling those dark, masculine arms wrapped around me. Drawing me in tight and close, I melt into the ground. I want to be held captive, submissive in those hands, my hair being pulled back as he bites me softly in the small of my neck. Hovering on the edge of unconscious bliss, I close my eyes. I can feel my breath being taken away and I exhale my own sensuality in a raspy moan. A painting like The Kiss can stimulate your erogenous zones...and it will trigger your sexual fantasies. Don't be afraid of finding those feelings from within you...take it and run.

Stand naked in front of a mirror and imagine the passionate embrace of the lover you have yet to meet. It doesn't matter if you are large or thin. You are beautiful. Accept yourself the way you are. Own it. Close your eyes and rub your hands gently over your body, ignite the sensations that you thought may have been lost forever...feel it. Open your eyes. Watch the transformation that grows from within you and you will face your future with confidence and no regrets. Reclaim your right to sexual satisfaction. You have nothing to fear. Warm, sweet passion is what you cry out for, driven by nothing more than desire. If you are lucky, it could be sensitive and deep. Whatever sex driven path is carved out for you, you can be assured that it will be better than the nothing you previously had.

        William-Adolphe Bouguereau
All acts of love and pleasure are her rituals.

I can't imagine anything more sad than living a life without full sexual gratification. A life of loneliness. A life full of  missed opportunities. Spent. Wasted. You can't turn back the clocks. No matter how old you are, man or woman, inside of you might be a sexual volcano just waiting to explode. You may never know the true exhilaration of physical abandon unless you rid yourself of all of your pretenses and offer yourself wholly and unconditionally to someone you might feel a connection with. Don't take life too seriously. If it's only a fleeting moment it could be the most important moment of your life. Throw away all your old insecurities and just tear the lid off of your sensibilities. Be vulnerable. Set yourself free!

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