Saturday, November 10, 2012

JANIE GOT A GUN...No wait. I did!

Good Morning World! Michele bought a shotgun and is still alive to write about it! Please keep in mind that this was NOT an "impulse" buy. Carl and I have had "buy a shotgun" on our list of "wants" for several years now. I just can't believe we didn't do it sooner. Let's get one thing straightened out here...I am not taking the gun on the road! I am not going out to shoot Bambi or little duckies; it's purely for HOME DEFENSE. We're going to take it out of the box, load it, and prop it up next to the bed!

 I live in Detroit. I didn't name it The Murder City, but that's what we are best known as! As a twelve-year resident, I have come to appreciate a lot of things about living in the "mean streets", and I've learned to accept a lot of the downright ugly.  Let me tell you a few stories...

While sitting on my couch one afternoon, I heard a shot coming from across the street. A single shot. I didn't pay that much attention to it. I should have. A few minutes later, I heard the sirens approaching outside and to make a long story short, the owner of the Fine Arts Theater was murdered. Execution-style. Taking a bullet to the head. I didn't have to watch the CSI on the television because I just pulled a chair up to my window overlooking Woodward and watched the whole CSI thing go down from start to finish, FOR REAL! From interviewing the witnesses to the arrival of the entire forensic team and the flashing of the camera inside, to when the coroner wheeled the body bag out to the truck and drove away. I heard and saw the last hours of this woman's life. And you know me...I marched myself across the street and gave testimony and then I got myself filmed and made a spot on the nightly news!

To a lesser degree of murderous activities in my 'hood: a body was found shot in the alley off of Temple, about 1/2 block away. Dismembered body parts of two women were found dumped in a stairwell of a crumbling decaying mansion on Park Street, a block away. I heard six rounds off of an automatic weapon fired into a car parked two doors down...dead man in the morning. Countless fights and acts of aggression and yelling and screaming all around our house. Everyday. Seriously, if you ever need the police in Detroit call me first, because I will usually find a squad car parked nearby! I AM LIVING YOUR REALITY TV.

 My house is large and the yard is surrounded by high spiked wrought iron fences. However, we have crummy windows and an average front and back door. The doors are not that secure. We have the ever attractive razor-wire aptly placed on the fences in the back parking area. But it's not fool proof. Since you can't call the police in Detroit and expect them to come to your rescue, we finally decided to fortify and establish our own practical defense system. Is that so wrong?

I am going to learn how to be an effective and well-trained shooter but it's not like I am going all hunter and cammo gear on you! I want to learn how to load and shoot and clean my gun.  I am not giving up on Detroit and moving to the burbs. I realize the "zombies" are everywhere, not just in the Cass Corridor! But I am loving exercising my Second Amendment Rights, and you can too! One thing though, I am not going to say "just shoot me" anymore. That might not be quite as funny now!


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