Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KROGER IN THE VILLAGE...grocery shopping at its finest.


 If you have read any of my blogs over the past year you may have noticed my infatuation with fancy grocery stores! As long as I have to take part in the mundane task of buying groceries, my logic is that I may as well have fun doing it. I've shopped in grocery stores all over the country from Los Angeles to New York City. From South Florida to Franklin, Tennessee! Lovely locations with plenty of attractive stores. All I wanted was that my local grocery shopping possibilities would be on par with the rest of them. Other than my shabby, over-priced neighborhood store, I was forced to drive almost 40 minutes north to the nearest "nice" Kroger in Troy, or maybe 30 minutes west to Dearborn; neither of which were all that great for my grocery shopping experience. Mediocre at best! But I met this guy and he told me all about this wonderful new Kroger store in a place called The Village in Grosse Pointe, only 15 minutes away from my house!  I took his suggestion and it was a huge surprise: grocery shopping at The Kroger store in The Village Grosse Pointe is like grocery shopping in a scene from a fairy tale where I am the beautiful princess! Finding this Kroger store was one of the best things to happen to me in the twelve years that I've been grocery shopping in the metro Detroit. 

Located on a pristine block in a magical little town, the Village Kroger is about as convenient as you can get. I easily access the I-94 freeway heading east from downtown Detroit and after several exits, I'm in the parking lot ready to go inside and shop! Once inside, you will be delighted in how clean and bright and shiny everything is there. I like to call it a "boutique" Kroger! Each department is neatly arranged and kept well-stocked and spotless and they actually have real humans working there.  You can  find someone to help you when you need them and they seem to like their jobs! It's not a HUGE Kroger store, but I don't usually need to buy that much food. The food I do buy is usually fresh or gourmet stuff and they have plenty of that on hand! Even their FREE SAMPLES are amazing! I brought my husband, Carl, along with me this time and he devoured a yummy piece of cake on a stick while standing dutifully guarding my cart!
Sample of cake for Carl!

I'm a princess. This is my princess Kroger store.

Really clean and shiny!

We bought the crab legs AND the crab cakes!

I just love this place.

 Don't get mad at me, but I can behave like a complete snob when I want to! In fact, shopping at this Kroger is a lot like shopping on Rodeo Drive! Fabulous people driving expensive cars buying only the best! You can sense from this clientele that price is no object. It also appeared to me that some people actually got "dressed up" to shop here! I liked it. Even if I don't actually fit that lifestyle, for a few brief moments I could PRETEND that I did! The ability to escape is a great coping mechanism and I have fun doing it. Then, when it's all done, I load my groceries into my make believe classic Jaguar and it's back home to my make believe McMansion on make-believe Lakeshore Drive! Of course my reality is the complete opposite, but at least my 'fridge is stuffed with crab cakes, chicken salad, olives from the olive bar, fresh fruit and flowers. Yum! There is even a Starbucks right across the street from this Kroger and you can go there first and sip your latte as you shop! If you are ever having grocery shopping anxiety and need a break from the usual crappy stores you are accustomed to, hurry over to The Village Kroger on Kercheval, just a little east Cadieux! Maybe I'll see you there! You know what they say, "retail" is the best therapy. In my case it's a pretty grocery store!

In conclusion, you can read all the reviews you want to about this divine little star in the grocery store galaxy in the link below! Check out YELP! 

This is Mary and I.
She was my really nice grocery check-out person.



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