Thursday, November 8, 2012

MY POLITICAL RANT...ranting is what I do!

Thursday, November 7th, and the aftermath of the national elections seems like it was so long ago. The amount of unnecessary ridiculing, name-calling and hate mongering directed towards Mitt Romney and his family was truly one of the most hideous displays of ignorant behavior I have witnessed in a long time. And in the big picture, things haven't changed from one day to the next. I just took the opportunity to clean out my junk drawer of creepy people based on how small-minded they were. I have lost a lot of respect for certain individuals who appear to be prejudiced, biased and  downright mean.

What I noticed about the immediate follow-up after the acceptance speech is that a certain faction of  people seemed overjoyed at the idea that President Obama "won". The gloaters were all about "we won" and the other side "lost". Well, here's a little memo for you to post on your fat heads...there are no winners or losers in an election: it is our right to vote and it's our civic duty to do so. What I also seemed to notice is that a lot of people at the polling places were just concerned with filling in that little circle for "president" and then skipping all of  the referendums that would more closely affect our lives on a LOCAL level. And so I pose this question to you all: did you actually vote BEYOND president and vice-president? Did you all actually READ and VOTE on the entire ballot? Most people in my neighborhood did not because it was really long and hard to understand! 

And one more thing, let me be the first to admit that I am sketchy on world politics, so I can't even begin to tell you my feelings about Syria or Palestine or Pakistan or Afghanistan or ANYWHERE in the Middle East. I am not too interested in world finance either. I am usually busy ranting or reading rants on Facebook instead of picking up a copy of The Wall Street Journal! And you know what else? I am usually too busy spending time watching bands in bars or going to art shows instead of watching PBS, World News or listening to NPR! So for me to say who "won" or "lost" is moot: I don't really KNOW who or what I won or lost.

For people of color, your right to vote was hard fought for and a lot of people shed their blood for you just so you could get into that polling place. It's only been around forty years since Americans came to their senses and the battle for Civil Rights was fought for and equality was "won"...and we are still fighting that fight. I sincerely hope that you voted from a personal space that wasn't influenced by promises of what you could get out of the system. And don't go getting she's all "racist' on me, because this applies to everyone. Half of the campaigning was "fear mongering" about what we were going to get or give up or what was going to happen to us if we voted for one guy or the other.

One more thing, I am a Baby Boomer and my age demographic now makes up over 50% of the population. Do you have any idea what Social Security really means? It is much more complicated than that ridiculously small stipend we'll be getting once a month when we turn 62! And as for women's "rights", we will always "have the right to choose". A president cannot just "overturn" Roe v. Wade. It takes The Supreme Court to do that...and even then, abortion has always been legal and available somewhere...I ought to know or I'd have, like, four kids right now and that was never going to happen!

In conclusion, I am happy that the country came out and did what it was supposed to do and I fully support President Obama and his beautiful family. There is no better place in the world to live than America. Just ask anyone who has a fled from another country why they are here and not somewhere else. And if you ever get fed up with the way things are being run here yourself, think about where YOU would want to go! The little blue speck is still spinning in a big universe and we are all still trying to survive.

While you are at it...please remember that the entire NORTHEAST COAST is suffering terribly from a national disaster that has been played down by the media because of the elections. Is there anything we can do to help? There must be something.


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