Thursday, January 10, 2013

RESTORATION PROCESS...making the space a home!..

Just a quick update on Ghetto Homes and Gardens-Detroit Living...the saga continues! As you may or may not know, my daughter, Cara,  has been living with me downstairs in my flat in an old Victorian home. It had been pretty invasive with her and her THREE CATS (one of which recently died)! Plus, she had so much stuff it became apparent that her days with me were numbered. I was smothering under the weight of her clothes! We had to make a change. The house has a flat upstairs as well. The flat had been vacant now for about six months and so the time had come for the little bird to take wing!

 Cara and I are in the process of updating and decorating the amazing 1,300 square foot flat. The place had not been cared for and needed the proverbial "woman's touch"! With a little paint and a few carefully selected accessories, we are in the process of turning shabby, into shabby "chic"! Keep in mind that everything is being done by Cara and myself. Everything we buy is from thrift stores, consignment shops and/or Estate Sales...and THAT'S on the high end. We keep our eyes open on garbage day too! You just never know WHAT you can "pick" up!

 Let's start here with updates on the bathroom, bedroom and living room. We have made the rooms clean and functional. Over the next few months, we'll be finding "anchor" pieces for the rooms, such as book cases, hutches, bars, chairs, window treatments etc. and I'll do a separate blog on each phase. Both Cara and I pride ourselves on having a great sense of style and we try hard to keep the cost way low, both in our personal style choices and our environment.


 Never underestimate the power of garbage picking! The fabulous orange Naugahyde mid-century modern couch was sitting on a curb with FREE neatly taped to it with that blue painter's tape! Cara and I shoved it into the trunk of the old Camry and drove it home to her place on Laurel Street. She followed while I drove slowly! It was a few blocks but we had just scored big time! That awesome litho print on her mantle...TWENTY BUCKS at a thrift store! To top it off, it's by Tanya Forgares who used to own Highway Press. It's an early test print of her's. Cara also found an early ORIGINAL watercolor by local FAMOUS artist Jerome Ferretti  (who appeared in Searching For Sugarman). You should really, seriously, consider STALKING us when we go thrifting!

PS. I am still working on my new website. It's not as easy as you think to build a website!
Thanks for being here on my journey!

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