Thursday, January 3, 2013

URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT-Seva Detroit Vegetarian/N'Namdi Gallery

I usually pay strict attention to my immediate surroundings. I try to keep on top of all of the news and goings on in my Cass Corridor/Midtown Detroit neighborhood. So, I'll be the first to admit that I was blown away to find out that this magnificent building located at 66 E. Forest between Woodward and John R has been here for over a year! The building that houses Seva Detroit Vegetarian Restaurant and N'Namdi Gallery occupies thousands of square feet of space that was beautifully converted and restored to contemporary perfection.

Owned by George N'Namdi, the purchase price and restoration of this building topped off at over two million well spent dollars. Just check out the craftsmanship of the heavy wooded ceiling and the duct work. Not only is this masterful in design, it serves as an acoustical leveling off for too much sound bounce. I've been in places like this where the volume of noise from the customers and the music makes the entire dining experience miserable. Not so here! They had the nicest music playing in the background that was a pleasant accompaniment to our stay. We could actually hear ourselves talking, but not so much the talk from the people at the table next to us!

Whether they re-purposed the old cement floor or poured new, the cement worked well in this space because it was lightly stained in a warm gold-gray hue, picking up the other colors in the room. The floor was also an addition to the acoustics being as mellow as they were.

The bar area is long and lean and can comfortably sit a lot of patrons. Alcohol and wine is served. There is a Happy Hour daily from 4-7 with drink specials, plus you can purchase an array of small plate appetizers!

This is the front section of the restaurant suitable for larger parties and it has a view of the outside courtyard area. The hosting area is right there, prepared to seat you.

The immaculate kitchen was where all the magic was made! Vegetarian and Vegan food prepared to perfection! The door was open so you will have never have to wonder what's going on inside. I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Cassandra on this visit! You know me! The minute I walked into this place I knew I had a story and Cassandra was there to help me out!
 Imagine yourself drinking a tall beer or a nice glass of Chardonnay out here in this lovely courtyard come springtime! If you would like more information on this beautiful Detroit restoration, please visit the restaurant.

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